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PC Server To Host LAN/WAN PS2 Games?


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I am running my SWBF2 server from my PC, connected to the web through a Netgear DG834GT router.


My PS2 is also connected to the router, and therefore connected to the Web also.


I can host games from the PC and they are playable on the web, and I can host games from the PS2 which are playable on the web.


What I can't seem to do is host Internet games on the PC and join them from the PS2 (LAN).


Obvoiusly I can select LAN in the server software, but then, nobody on the web will be able to join in.


Does anyone know of a way to setup the Router/PC/PS2 so this is possible?


Many thanks...




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This is a real common problem, it happened to me when I started to run a server.


I don't remember what I was doing at first but I got it to work by toggling a few different things.


First, try port forwarding to your pc. ports 3658,3659,6500,and27900, I think. Or turning it off if you're already doing so.


Second, try setting your router to respond to pings from gamespy. This gets your ping to show up on the server list among other things. Do this ONLY when you're running the server as it can be a security risk.


third, if you haven't already done so, give both your ps2 and your pc fixed addresses on your router, and make your ps2 the DMZ. My ps2 is and pc is


Tweaking these things around should get it to work.


Also the server client communicates with gamespy via port 27900, though I was able to get mine working even port-forwarding that port to pc. the ps2 still got the info.


Once you get it working, don't be surprised if you can't hear the other players. Your connection might be too fast for the server to connect the audio properly.

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This is for hosting games on a PC that PS2 online players can play...


The game will NOT allow PC players to join in.


So basically, the PC is used to host the game, whilst PS2 users sign in and play.

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Scanned the web and eventually found that my router (Netgear DG834GT) does not support NAT Loopback. I was a bit annoyed as when I bought this, it was one of the more expensive routers... So I'd have thought it should support NAT Loopback as cheaper routers do...


Anyway, I found this website: http://dragonslight.altervista.org/ubergt/index.html


It offers a 'custom' firmware for the DG834GT which supports NAT Loopback.


It's written by a dude called Bracco, and believe me, this guy IS a dude!


I was brave and installed the 'custom' firmware. Since I have never looked back... As well as hosting (and playing) online SWBF2 Servers, my router has a load more customisable features and the router seems more stable than ever.


If you are experiencing the same trouble as me and want an answer I can recommend Braccos 'UberGT' firmware, but before you go for it, remember, this will invalidate your warranty with Netgear and may trash your router in the process - you have been warned!!!


I hope someone out there is now loving my new servers as I am!!!



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