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The Search for Revan


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I can assume that Topsite got busy, and couldn't cary on with the RP, like he said. As for steven, I don't know.


Name: CORULUS 1015 - xp02

Nickname: Cor

Class: Cyborg

Gender: Male

Former Species: Human

Homeworld: Telos

Political Affiliation: Old Republic

Occupation: TSF Security Unit

Favourite ship(s): Unknown

Favourite weapon(s): L-B Projectile Handgun; D-B Flechete Handgun; Single Shot Projectile Rifle; Cubic Zirconium Ceramics Combat Knife

Bio: Not much is known of the man inside the machine. He was, however, once a famed soldier who was born raised, and stayed on Telos much of his life. He was one of the few who Admiral Saul tried to convince into joining the sith, along with Carth.


Unlike Carth, the man, who's name is now only known to the past, joined Saul. But not knowing that Saul would destroy Telos, he watched in horror as the planet was bombarded. The man became very silent from then on, until he defected, and joined back up with the Old Republic, fighting for them, his fame growing within the ranks.


He requested to be sent to Telos after the war, to aid in the contruction of the station above Telos, and then soon after, the referbishing of Telos itself. He was however, part machine already, the war taking a serious toll on him, both his arms, and his spine damaged, and repaired with bio-mechanical parts.


At this point, his silence had cost him the loss of his name, many unable to get even one word out of him, didn't know he was a war hero, and his fame was forgoten to all but a few. He was in the battle of Telos station, acting as one of the few actual republic soldiers aboard telos station, he commanded a very small contingent of officers, and high ranking soldiers who had been staying on the station before the attack. He cleared most of his section, bringing TSF, Dantooine, and even Onderon soldiers under his lead.


He stayed behind as the soldiers pushed the sith back, only to encounter a large group of sith soldiers, in the end, most were down before a horrible accident occured where a pipeline of fuel was shot, causing massive damge to his body.


He was found after the battle, most of his bdy gone beyond what medical aid could do. But he was still alive, and they couldn't watch him die, nor could they give him a mercy shot. So they pulled in funds to aid in the experimental construction of a bio-mechanical robotic system, which his remaining organs would be able to survive in, and his brain would be synaptically attached, allowing him control on the level of near human movement.


All, to most of his organs were tranfered into the second system that had been constructed. His brain damaged to a degree that they had to construct a bio-harddrive system to be attached and give him what his brain had lost.


He is now a security unit for the TSF on the station, often looked at as a machine to most, even scorned for his near perfect human personality, only a few view him with pity and remorse, and fewer with respect, and the acknowledgement that he is human.


He only remembers a little from the moments before the battle, just a few people, and coworkers on the station, beyond that, his memory only spans as far as the carnage he remembers from his life. Much of his thoughts are on the killings he commited in the past, even as far back as he first man he gunned down. He only remembers the killing, the chaos, nothing beyond, not who his mother was, not who his father was, not even his sister, who he cherished in his life most of all.

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In my opinion, you could just make up any planet. After all, it is the unknown regions!!!

Also, I'm in as well.


Name: William Graff

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeplanet: N/A Supposedly Korriban

Age: 24

Occupation: Hunter

Appearence: Black hair, dark brown eyes, medium in height, and usually wears Dark Jedi Master robes, or modified armor.

Favorite Weapons: Two silver lightsabers or wristblades

Bio: Little is known about William Graff, but he is a hunter, and has been known to face and kill Krayt Dragons with only hand-held weapons. He is known to have learned the Force from a Sith Master, but killed him when he saw the pain the Sith caused.


He has an array of melee weapons, including swords, and a spear. He is also an expert when creating mines or grenades.


Republic authorities, spent months trying to talk with William, but was only able to until he allowed them. Seeing their predicament, William joined the team.

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Hey, guys? I need some Idea's of Unknown Region Planets we can visit during "our quest". Have any ideas?


I was thinking of adding Lehon (Unknown world with Rakata), but I can't seem to think of any other worlds. Please, I'm open to suggestions :)

make them up?


if you're looking for another active member, i could fill in ;)

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I never said "the Strider left without him.". I just thought Darranak was on the ship when we took off, flying away from that Jedi with the black markings (Relenzo2's character)


Relenzo2, incase you have misunderstood, you haven't been kicked out of this RP. We need your character in this thing. And if I ever did kicked you out, you would have commited an offense that would've made me consider it. But as far as I know, you haven't done anything wrong. So that's cool.

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Err, okay. I mean, I have no problem with my character dieing or something... well, dieing yes, because acording to other RP canon he doesn't die for a while yet. But, since I'm in, to clarify, the Strider should run into something, cuase they comitted a felony by flying away with a towed ship. And I'm still on the ground so... I'll just stand here and scream.

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Okay, but why didn't you say your character just simply walk back into the ship befor it took off. You could have done that. Then again, its still your character, so I don't care what you do with him, as long as he stays in the story... and die afterwards XD

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