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1/4 of screen showing


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I did a fresh install and patch. I'm using a widescreen monitor at 1680x1050, which works fine with most games. I'm on Vista, x64.


Anyway, when I launch and it gets through to the menu, only the upper left 1/4th of the game's screen shows. I can't even see the buttons. I tried the "ResPatcher" to no avail. This happens with both KoTOR1 and KotOR2, with patch and without patch...


Anyone know about this issue?


Thanks for your time.

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Oops, forgot to mention. Yea, I tried that, it just made the .exe crash. :-/


Thanks for the tip though.


Edit: Aha. nVidia just released drivers (101.***) that fix this problem...


... and open a new one. My monitor is a widescreen 1680x1050 sucker... it plays KoTOR in a tiny screen in the middle of the window, heh.


So my new question; can you make it run in windowed mode for resizing? Since someone had to write a program to change the .exe to make it widescreen, I suppose that's the only way, though...


Anyway, thanks.


Edit 2: ARGH, son of a...


It ran twice prertty OK (other than it crashing within 20 seconds of gameplay, but I attribute that to an override...)... now it is back to the 1/4 screen.

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