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What are you?


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(I think this would do well sticky-ed :) )


Just so we know each others' core beliefs, go ahead and post your:


-> Nationality


-> Basic political tenants


-> Religion (for our purposes, this will include atheism ;) )


-> Major issues you believe in




Here's mine...




-I consider myself very Libertarian-minded. I favor a minimalist government with as few taxes as possible. However, I'm a bit more Republican-minded on moral issues, though in many cases I think they should just be left up to state governments to decide.


-Roman Catholic


-I'm anti-illegal immigration, anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, and pro-Israel

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What do you wish to hear? That I once believed in the code of the Jedi? That I felt the call of the Sith? That perhaps I once held the galaxy by it's throat? That for every good work I did I brought equal harm upon the galaxy? That perhaps what the greatest of the Sith Lords knew of evil they learnt from me?


Okay, I just couldn't resist doing that even if some would argue parts are fairly accurate. For real, my name is indeed Nancy Allen, I'm a French Canadian but don't hold that against me. I believe in having the best political party for the times, compared to Kerry Bush was the right man for the job, and now we need a change with the Democrats and Obama or Hilary. There's simply not the money to satisfy our political needs and wants and I would agree that war is part of the reason for that. My religion could perhaps be best described as heritical, I support religious belief, or non belief, and probably know best Christianity. Israel has a right to their country, and a right to burn when they do things like targeting civillians in the battle against Hezbollah. Pro Israel but they are bound by the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. At times I wonder if it would be for the best to close off our boarders to immigrants, but maybe that's just a tired mind thinking. Anti getting girls knocked up and pregnant, as that puts them in the difficult position of whether or not to have the baby. I believe in swift, decisive justice and doing whatever it take to defend lives. Does that include war and torture? Yes it does, but Iraq was wrong, no question, and torture very rarely works. And on that note probably not as much patience as I should for the far left, who believe terrorists have rights and truth serum is torture. Now arn't you glad you asked?

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-> Nationality...American and damn proud of it


-> Basic political tenants...I believe that democracy is a bad form of government, but it is the best form of government. By the people, for the people thing. I truly, truly, believe in Capitalism. But not pure capitalism, the market needs some government regulation here and there.


-> Religion (for our purposes, this will include atheism ) I was a Catholic now I follow my own moral code and beliefs. Believe and god and somewhat spiritual. I also believe in Karma and some tenets of Transcendentalism.


-> Major issues you believe in


Things I would like the government to focus on-


-find a much more efficient fuel alternative

-get off dependence of Arab oil

-education system management reform

-reduce outsourcing as much as possible

-divert more funds to space research and other new technologies

-reduce the influence of wealthy elite and corporate leaders in the government

-moderate the businesses especially Oil companies but still keep a capitalist atmosphere

-keep ahead of Chinese/East Asian and EU industry

-reduce national debt

-focus on commerce and education

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Fine. Here's my profile:


-> Nationality: American Citizen


-> Basic political tenants: Sophism. Truth is an utter construct of the audience, and if you sawy the audience, you can change the Truth. (I think I'm the only Sophist I know of) Also, a Fiscal Conservative (strays towards Authoritianism as well).


-> Religion: Islam.


-> Major issues you believe in

-The fate of religion in the future.

-The End of the World (5 Billion Years From Now), and The End of Humanity.

-What is Truth? What are Ideas?

-Oh, and the National Debt, due to being a fiscal conservative.

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Im english political tenents are that i beleve in some parts of the BNP and the Labour party religon i walk my own path i prefer to believe in the self than to expect some higher power to sort my problemes for me and the issues i believe that we should stop immigrants coming in to our country and sort out our own problems before we try to help every one.

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Basic political tenants

None, I consider all politicians to be dishonest and deceiving



None - atheism


Major issues you believe in

Science is what we should turn to for explanations, not religion

Human cloning shouldn't be outlawed, it should be further advanced

There is no honest politician

Tobacco should be outlawed just as any other harmful narcotic

Global warming is a serious problem that we don't pay enough attention to

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Nationality: Subject of Her Majesty the Queen of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. And proud of it, if you hadn't noticed :p


Basic Political Tenets: One Nation Toryism


Religion: Roman Catholic/Failed Again Christian


- Pro-life, Pro-Truth, Pro-Integrity, Pro-Charity, Pro-Honesty, Pro-Hope, Pro-Love.

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Nationality: British and European

Political ideals: I believe the words "whining," "liberal," and "pacifist" sum it up rather well. Though a couple of my friends do like to refer to me as a communist for some reason...

Religion: Agnostic atheist. See here

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-> American


-> None really. In my opinion, all politicians lie and cheat. If anything, I consider myself more of a Democrat than anything.


-> Christian (yes, I'm a Christian and a Democrat, isn't it crazy :rolleyes: )


-> Increase studies on global warming

- stopping (or at least reducing) illegal immigration

- reducing outsourcing

- greatly reducing our "responsibility of spreading democracy throughout the world"

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Huh, interesting thread. I might as well clarify my breed of animal.


Nationality: American


Basic Political Tenets: The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence :xp:

Truth be told I have a devil may care attitude unless it is something that violates the Constitution. I don't trust the govt. seeing as today's events are related to the uncoverings of Iran Contra meaning the covert ops. I am ticked that there are people who can't tell the difference between Socialism, Communism and Nationalism though I have a deep regard for ED's opinion on that matter. For all intents and purposes, I am a leftie Commie Pinko Person meaning that I am one of those damned liberals who believes in equality for all regardless of race or creed and a strong bias against capitalism and the misuse of science by the govt. There see how nice I am? :xp:


Religion: You really want to ask that? I was born and raised a Roman Catholic but I am no more Catholic than the Pope himself. I am just a plain non denominational Christian who believes that salvation comes through believing that Christ died for our sins so that we may be saved. However I do have leanings in eastern philosphy and an espoused interest in all things ancient and mythological. A sufferrer of the Home Inquisition about whether or not I have turned total pagan though I am comforted by the fact that mach says that I am far from being total pagan.


Major issues: Stupid Patriot Act since the feds think that little old ladies who get together on a Saturday morning and discuss the downsides of a Rep. Govt are really covert terrorists. Yeah right. The fact that it suspended habeus corpus and made it legal to imprison people suspected of terrorism without trial or due process. Hello that is like the Japanese internment

Spreading democracy in the Middle East. Stupid politicians don't realize that democracy contradicts certain tenets in Islam. See where I am getting at? Also a blatant reminder of Wilson's making the world safe for democracy

The fact that peole still think Communism is like with the USSR when in fact that is a form of facism.

The spending of money on this so called war on terrorism and nothing being done to help educ in this country. That's a sore spot that still festers


As you can see there are a few things that will set me off but mostly my view of history and politics is that the same buttheads who ran this country a hundred years ago are still running it today.

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Basic political tenants

I don't like politics





Major issues you believe in

-Cloning should be allowed

-A new source of energy rather than gasoline.


-Banning of Cigarettes

-Global Warming

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-> Nationality

American (descended from English and Lithuanian stock, among a number of other things)


-> Basic political tenants

Independent. I look at the candidates and try to vote for the one I think will do the best job. Generally slightly left of a centrist position on most issues, conservative on some others.


-> Religion (for our purposes, this will include atheism ;) )

Evangelical for the most part, though I've attended plenty of different churches in my lifetime. Just ornery enough to break a rule now and then, though. :D


-> Major issues you believe in:

Pro-environment, pro-nationalized health care, pro-protection of workers (in that business and workers should be fair to each other--honest pay/benefits for honest work), workfare instead of welfare, pro-development of alternative fuel sources, pro-life (for the most part), pro-education (kids should be learning the basics in a good solid way instead of some of the stupid crap they have to be taught or evaluated for because of unfunded federal mandates), pro-affirmative action (if I could get fired in 2007 for being a woman and the boss wanted to bring in a man, obviously we've not come nearly as far as we should in stamping out discrimination based on gender, race, age, etc....), pro-just about any law that's going to put away child predators for a long, long time, anti-activist judges trying to make laws from the bench--that's for the legislative branch made up of people _I've elected_ to determine, not some appointee. There's plenty more, but that's a good start.

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-> Nationality: American, but my ethnicity is Italian, German, Irish, and Mexican


-> Basic political tenants: I would call myself an independant


-> Religion (for our purposes, this will include atheism ): Strong Atheism, sometimes I'm borderline Anti-theist, but my whole family is Christian (*sarcasm* my family loved it when I came out about my atheism)


-> Major issues you believe in: I'm pro-choice, and I believe that as long as we exercise responsibility, compassion, and sense in our decisions, that we can achieve much. I'm pro-abortion, although I don't think it should be used as a form of birth control. I'm also a big supporter of the separation of church and state.

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-> Religion (for our purposes, this will include atheism )

Evangelical for the most part, though I've attended plenty of different churches in my lifetime. Just ornery enough to break a rule now and then, though.

Maybe you should try Seventh Day Adventists Jae. At least you can openly defy rules unlike my house where it's dad's way or the highway.

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Religion: Islam.


Hadn't realised you were a Muslim bro... might pose you a few awkward questions about the Koran :-p You been to the Middle East much? I've been to Morocco 4 times, I love it, its great :-) although its unfortunatly getting touristey now, and I prefer a 'genuine' expierance of what a country is like if that makes sense?


Anyways, on with the show;



Welsh (for you Americans... Britain is made up of several parts... England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) Do NOT call me English I *WILL* hit you! ;)



I'm Liberal... Bordering on shock horror communism (great theory, doomed to failure though), I think health care should be free for all, I think education should be free for all, I think really the state should provide an awful lot of stuff. Currently vote Liberal Democrats as thats as far mainstream to the left I can go in Britain atm, everything has centralised.



Evangelical Charismatic Christian, I say this because I believe the Gospels to be true and that the word of God needs to be taken out, but I'm not a Conservative Christian, so would'nt like to be tarnished with that brush, and Charismatic as I find far too many Christians (especially those who say they are Evangelical) don't peform the most important thing (after Jesus) that the Bible teaches; Love thy neighbour.


Major things I believe in;

Jesus will come back! Therefore I need to tell you all about him ;-)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but whatever is the truth is the truth regardless of what any of us think.

I believe health care should be free for all and that everyone in every country should have freedom of choice as to which religion they can follow.

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Nationality: Canadian (Taíno/African/British/German descent)


Basic political tenants: Liberal/Socialist


Religion: Pastafarian (Atheist, but it's more fun to to say Pastafarian ;))


Major issues you believe in: Global warming, education on what socialism is, making politics more science-based, finding renewable fuels, etc.

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Nationality:citizen of the u.s.-wish we still had our constitution---irish, norse, blackfoot, cherokee, some german and a tiny bit of french.


Basic political tenants:monarchist--no,really--as long as i am king--it's good to be the king--just ask cheney

my tenants depend on the topic-nothing i could say basic. a label or tag will not work on me. wish we still had our constitution.


religion--i subscribe to no religion of human creativity-i find truths in them all-and see how the similarities in them all far outway the differences. i can't wrap my mind around how anyone can think that their's is the one truth. the divine is not small enough for that.(like trying to perceive the galaxy through a crack in the door)

stop believing in ___--KNOW____


Major issues you believe in:equal rights--not this group's,or that group's---across the board, period-really, it's as basic as basic can get,

today, i'm thinking of lies we are fed about sept.11,2001.

lies scum have been caught in over and over, and yet so few seem to learn about or do some investigation into.(here anyway)

loose change


oh, yeah, did i mention i want my constitution back?

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Nationality : Belgian ( yes its a country !! :lol: ) , second is Flamish .


Basic political tenants : kind of socialist and green ; ( Highly against Facism and right extreem partys like => Vlaams Belang ; Racism and all .)


Religion : None , and bit Anti-catholic, not the book but the organisation behind it . ( I hate the pope )


Major issues you believe in :


-Global warming stuff !!!!

-Pro-cloning and all science research that is needed to improve our lives .

- Conflicts between people => like Israel need to be solved . ( I'm not supporting anyside cause they both do horroble things to each other . )

- Every one equal , no more judging people on belief or color . Only by there actions .

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Politics... I don't have any political career in mind... I don't even vote...

I don't believe it makes any difference... I don't believe that democracy

really works... At least not in that scale... (As a form of goverment...)


Religion... Christian on paper maybe... But I don't believe that god made

humans or animals or this world or anything like that and I don't believe

there is any afterlife... But could there be somekind of god or god like

being(s) out there somewhere in this universe... Maybe...


Major issues... Abortions, Polulation control, Some plagues and wars and

such are needed... (This rock is way too densely populated) Support the

wise and strong and those who truly benefit the world and stop wasting

money and resources on helping those who are already doomed and who

only drain... Lots and lots of money to all kinds of scientific research...

Merciless criminal system... (Those who go to jail should be put to death

or to work...)

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-> Conservative, Liberal, Constitutionalist. In most social things I’m liberal. When it comes to financial aspects I’m more conservative.


-> I’m a Christian. I was raised in the Catholic, Church of Christ and Baptist church so I don’t believe in any of the Religious group. I only believe in my faith.


-> Government should protect our borders and our jobs, but it does neither. My belief is the main job of government is to protect the innocent and it does not do a very good job of that either.

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Nationality: Australian


Basic Politcal Tenants: Personally, I'm not interested in Politics. However, I believe the government should stop paying more money to the war and focus on more important matters. Like Global Warming, or helping 3rd World Countries.


Religion: Atheist, and I'm damn proud of it!

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Nationality: Syrian.


Basic political tenants: i hate politics, its all about hate, cunning, desires and eventually war.


Religion: Muslem.


Major issues I believe in:


-I believe that a person's religion is about his relation with his god(i mean by god, any supernatural power/idea you believe in). hence, its his/her relationship with me that matters. his/her ideas concerning others than me is not that important. free to think, free to believe.


-I believe in peace, none should do war, at any causes but survival and against inequity.


-Democracy is not the ultimate solution, it’s only a way to rule, it’s not perfectly good, and definitely not perfectly bad. Take it as simple as this, you cannot give all your patients one type of medicine, the medicine should vary according to the disease.


-Religion is the false reason for war, the reason politicians speak of to lead the mob angry, so do not believe them, religions do not command its believers to fight the other, it commands them to warship their god and live in peace with his creatures.


-according to my believes (Islam), we are all but the souls within us, henceforth, equal.


-science is only the other part of the truth, the first part is religion.

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Nationality: Canadian/American


Political Inclination: Libertarian in the majority of things, but I would not mind an isolationist nation


Religion: Satanism (for all of you 'nuts' out there, I am LaVey Satanist; if you don;t get the 'nuts'-thing then it's not referring to you)


Major Issues: Pro-Gay Marraige, Pro-Gay Adoption, Pro-Homosexuality, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Divorce, Pro-Stem Cell Research, Pro-Immigration (if you didn't notice American civilization was FOUNDED on immigration), anti-Christianity (it won't out here unless provoked), anti-patriotism (wierd how Christians want to force you to stand for the flag and then show there PRIDEFUL displays of America [Pride is a 7 deadly sin]), anti-smoking ban (come on! you say it pollutes the environment then you go into your car and drive accross the country! don't go pro-smoking ban unless you want to stop driving!)

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