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jedi knight II - chapter 1 - elevator...help!


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Um... I'm guessing you probably just need to push the button. It should be on the control panel either inside the elevator shaft or right next to it.



I've tried this...going to the control panel and doing something....f1 (push)?


nothing happens. I'm stuck here, it's kind of odd, yet the solution should be so simple....any thoughts?

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Yes, I've tried this...after grabbing the Imperial Guard's supply key.


Maybe this is the wrong key? I'm guessing the square control panel (on the elevator) is what I use the key with? I approach the panel, switch my inventory until I'm holding the supply key, then hit 'enter'. Nothing happens. I seem to be stumped here.



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If you are where I think you are, the elevator you are trying to use will not work until after you are inside the building, in other words you have to find another way in.

There is a 'lift' you just have to stand on to operate which will take you to an upper lever control room where you will find a control panel to turn on the outer gun/cannon.

Once activated go back the way you came, go outside to the cannon and use it to blast open the main doors.

Once this is done you can use the main elevator to go down to the main entrance to the building

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Hmm, after you've blasted the door with the large cannon, then wait for Jan to enter and then I think it automatically should start descending or you have to press a button somewhere in there. I think it should automatically do it though when Jan enters.

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Hi. Ok, I know where you are, but I can't remember if the lift should take you up automatically or if you have to 'use' a conrtol panel on the wall. I will check it out at lunch time and get back to you later. Good luck!


Whilst we are on Jedi Knight Chapter 1, can anyone tell me how to progress past the mining level. I have been stuck there for years. Luke has cleared the area of bad guys and is roaming the facility aimlessley trying to find his way out or on to the next level....... HELP!

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OK, I've had a look. After you've taken the Imperials key (for later use) step onto the elevator and push the control panel on the wall using 'use' in my system it's the E key. Go up a level, go outside onto the balcony and turn right into the lift shaft. step onto lift on right and again push the control to take you up into the control room.

There you will find the 'outer defences' controls. Push again to activate the gun outside then retrace your steps back outside.

Jen will be waiting at the gun.

Use push to access the gun and blast through the main outer doors of the building. After blasting press jump to release control of the gun - join Jen on the lift (checkpoint) which will automatically take you down to the lower levels of the installation where you will find lots of Imperials to shoot at and lots of nice puzzles to solve!

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yes, thank you. that is where i'm at....right after I kill the Imperial...there is some kind of lift with a square control panel on it...i try to do the 'use' command at the panel. however, nothing happens! i'm not sure why this is...any other suggestions?

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1) Kejim Post [2 Secrets] {kejim_post}

>>Objectives: Investigate the abandoned Imperial outpost.

Engage Remnant forces in the area.


Yes, if you use the cheats you can get your Lightsaber and all Force

powers from the very beginning... and while it can be cute slicing & dicing

Stormtroopers, it certainly isn't the way the game is supposed to be played -

and you'll get to hack & slash plenty of Stormies later in the game.


You start - along with Jan Ors, your faithful Indian companion (Hi-yo

Silver, away!) - on a landing field on Kejim, hiding behind a Tydirium Shuttle.

Use this opportunity to fine-tune your controls, especially movement... you

probably won't have much time in the later levels.


"This is my last day on this shift." (Stormtrooper chatter) "Oh, yeah?

Where you moving?" "Sector 7 had an opening so I applied." "Not bad - should be a quiet last day." Yeah, it's his last day all right.


Throughout the game you'll hear chatter from various Remnant (and other) forces, especially when they can't see you or don't know you're there... some of it can be a bit silly, and most of it is basic "Star Wars" hokey - but it's

still neat.


Around to your right - to the right of the shuttle as you face it - is a

stack of barrels and crates; if you get up close you can look between them, and spot a pair of Stormtroopers approaching from the left. Take them out with the Bryar Pistol (your default starting weapon) as fast as you can. In fact, if you aim your crosshairs (in first person mode) right at that crack in the rock face across from you, you'll be aiming right at the first Stormie's head when he comes into view.


{Firing tip: aim for an enemy's helmet/head for the fastest kills...

otherwise you'll take a while, and probably some damage. Adjust the sensitivity on your mouse until it moves quickly and smoothly... and just realize that the enemies won't sit still while you're trying to target them. Also, try and kill any officers first... not only does it help disorient the troops, but they

usually use rapid-fire weapons which can severely damage you.}


After they're dead, go back to the rear of the shuttle where Jan is

waiting... with the shuttle on your right, straight ahead is a door in the rock

(not the red one on the left... I have no clue where that goes; possibly it's

where you entered this level) - the first Secret Area is behind that door.

Again, note that Secret Areas aren't *required* in this game... skip them if

you don't need any items or you don't feel like jumping around to get them.


[secret 1] - jump up to the top shelf and make your way around the back

of the crates for a Bacta Tank and a Battery.


Down in the alcove (blow away the Laser Trip Mines from a distance)

is a rack with an Instant-Use MedPack and 3 Ammo Packs. All throughout the game you'll find racks like this... they always contain Ammo, and sometimes new weapons.


Go around the front of the shuttle and jump up on top of those crates

you fired from before... it'll take a little finagling, but you can get up on

top of that concrete ledge (yes, you can get on top of the Tydirium shuttle if

you want, but there's nothing up there). Carefully edge your way around the

rock wall and you can snipe on the Stormies before they see you. Shoot at the octagonal (orange/brown) fuel tanks by the Blaster Cannon to blow them up and take out several Stormtroopers. Watch out for the Stormies on the ledge above, and make damn sure you keep Jan alive!


Once they're all dead (and more will probably appear from around the

corner), explore a bit... that big door is, unfortunately, shut... and the

controls are blasted - you'll have to find another way to open it.


To the end of the ledge and through the small door... in here are a

couple of crates and an Armor Regenerator (the green machine) - to use the

Regenerator (and the orange Ammo Regenerators scattered throughout the game), just aim your crosshairs at it and hit 'use'. Each Regenerator has a limited supply of whatever, and will beep and go dark when it is exhausted.


"The Remnant usually has pretty tight security - make sure you search

any officers for keycards." (Jan) Through the small gray door, kill the Imperial Officer, and walk over the corpse to get a Key. Bodies will disappear shortly after they're dead, so if you need a Key to something and you don't have it, look around for an Imperial (Remnant, actually) Officer's corpse that is still hanging around. Keys (Security and Supply) are automatically added to your inventory, and you don't have to do anything special to use them... just go up to the door lock (or Crate, or whatever) and use it as normal; no searching through your inventory to find the Key.


Take the circular lift up, then into the next room and take the

rectangular lift up. At the top, hit the switch at the front of the room...

whoops, you just turned on the base defenses. "That do it?" "No, but you managed to get everyone's attention."


Back down this lift, along the ledge & kill the Stormtroopers - after

you can duck into their alcove for Ammo & Bacta (two Bacta canisters on lower levels on either side of the crates, one on higher levels). There's also a fuzzy gray viewscreen in this alcove - just aim at it and hit your 'use' key. Hit

'use' again to cycle to the next view (if there is one) or 'jump' to exit. These

viewscreens can come in handy - they can show you what lies ahead, give you clues about what to do next, or just allow you to map your trail of destruction.


Back down the circular lift, and use the Blaster Cannon (aim at it and

hit your 'use' key) to blow open the door. (Yes, you can go down another level

on that circular lift, but it won't do you any good right now, and there's a

ceiling Turret waiting down there) If you want, you can even shoot out the

windows of the control room above with the Blaster Cannon.


Inside, get on the grated lift, and get off at the next level... note

that this door is green, meaning it should be unlocked and will open when you

approach it - but it actually isn't; this is a slight goof in the game. The

switch next to the door will open it, but you don't want to do that - it's

not just the fact that plenty of Stormtroopers will come out of side rooms to

challenge you; if you go through this door, there's a door up ahead on the left

that is locked... you need to open it from inside the room.


Note that when you get on the grated lift, the word 'Checkpoint' will

briefly appear on the screen... these are spots at which the game will

automatically save; if you die or otherwise fail the level, the game will

restore automatically to the last Checkpoint. They are also semi-important

points on each level... hitting a Checkpoint means that you've passed some kind of hurdle and are well on your way.


"Stay here, Jan - cover our back." "Okay, I'll wait here... don't take

all day."


Drop into the lift shaft, through the small door. At the left end of the

corridor is a glowing red machine... you can shoot it if you want, but then be

prepared to *run* down the other way. If you don't shoot it, go down to the

other end of the corridor and use the wall switch to shut it off. Note that in

the next room - beyond the switch - there are a pair of grates in the ceiling,

one of which has a fuel tank sitting on top of it; you can blow that away from

below, but it just alerts the Troopers to your presence unnecessarily.


Circle around the red machine, and take the square lift up to the red

room. There are 'oxygen tanks' at the top of the lift which you can shoot if you want (they explode). Shoot the grate and drop through, kill the Impy and get the Key. Facing down the length of the room, there are switches on the right... use all of them to unlock doors in the area.


Jan will run in to join you - don't shoot her! (I did once... silly me)

"I think this is a primary control console." There's really only one way to go

from here in order to continue the level, but if you want to do some additional

killing then skip this next paragraph and go on to the next.


{continue as normal} Go through the door... go left and straight through

that door, through the right door, go left - Gronk Droid (and several Troopers)

in the next room (you can kill the droid if you want).


{for some additional killing} Out through the door, turn right...

straight ahead of you is the door leading out to that grated lift, to the left

is a storage room with a few Troopers inside - go ahead and punch their tickets (TDs - Thermal Detonators - and a Battery in here behind one of the crates). If you shot at the fuel tank sitting on a grate from below (the opposite end of the corridor from that red machine)... this is that room. Out of that room, turn right... straight down to the end and through that door, turn left and through that door. Kill everyone in here, then back out through the door - go through the door straight across from you, turn left (Gronk droid and circular lift in this room), and continue the level.


{continuing as normal} Up ahead on the right is a circular lift, and

around to the left is a large and small Crate... open the small Supply Crate

(face the red side, crouch, and hit your 'use' key) for a Bacta Tank, and get up on the large crate to get the Light Amplification Goggles (defauly key for these is capital O). The Light Amp Goggles will only be on top of the big crate in the "Padawan" difficulty; on all other difficulties they will be in the smaller

Supply Crate.


Take the lift to a darkened area below; use your Light Amp Goggles

(default key is capital O) and work your way around the crates on the right for

Secret 2.


[secret 2] - Bacta Tanks... there's a small Mouse droid in the area

which might lead you to this Secret Area.


"Kyle - the schematics show that the base is divided into three



Get into the next room (you can shut off the Goggles now), open the

small door and crouch through it. "There was a disturbance in Sector 10 this

morning." "What sort of disturbance?" "A droid set off the security system on a

lower level. That's the third time this month." "It won't be the last time

either." "Guess it was a scurrier." (I have no idea what they mean... perhaps

the Mouse droid?) Kill the Impys, and get the Blue Code Key (the blue symbol on the wall... get close enough and you'll get a message about your Datapad

updating), then use both unlit switches on that panel. Look closely at the

graphic on the wall... that's a map of the base. The 'cross' at the right

(almost looks like a bullseye) is the walkways you'll be out on in a moment...

you'll see the one walkway goes straight off to the right into nothing; that's

the 'hidden' section of the base, which you take care of in level 2.


Through the arch door, shut off the forcefield and up the stairs - the

door straight ahead leads back to the room where you found the Light Amp

Goggles. Go left, down the corridor... the view slit in the wall (that corridor

on the left) looks out over the walkways. At the end of the corridor, get out on the walkways.


Go through the green insignia door (watch out for ceiling Turrets - on

the lower levels if you're fast enough, you can run past them without getting

hit), through the door, through the small door on the right and up the stairs.

Hit the switch in the control room (this shuts off the ceiling Turret in the

room you just passed through) and pick up whatever you need (Ammo, Armor

Regenerator, Bacta).


Back down these short stairs and go straight... past the stairs going

down, past 2 locked doors, left (at the base of the stairs going up), through the door, and down. Down the stairs, kill, and on the right is another of those

semi-circular control panels... this one is coded, so you yourself can't use it.

However, Jan can... 'use' the control panel, then escort Jan down here -

quickly, she's under fire.


The fastest way to get back to Jan: when facing into the control panel's

alcove, turn left... head down to that end of the room, and on the left is a

door. Through that, up the stairs, right, and through the door on the right (not

the small gray one straight ahead). Through here, back out to the walkways, take the right-hand walkway, down this hall and in the first door on the left.


Back to the second control console... Jan does her thing. Note that even if you run all the way back, she'll follow you, even if she does drop behind. Once you get into the room, stand next to the alcove containing the control panel - don't get right in it.


Up the stairs and through the door, turn left, and up those stairs...

first go in the small gray door straight ahead, hit the switch on the panel (to

shut off that Turret). From here, you can check out the green door on the

right (as you exit this small control room)... behind the green door you'll find

that circular lift you were on earlier - through the small gray door in here

(past the lift) is a Supply Crate with a Bacta canister in it. The other

unlocked door in this corridor has a weapons rack hidden behind a pair of fuel



Down the stairs, jog left into the corridor, and the first door on the

left is the one that Jan just unlocked for you (across from the red console).

Inside, kill the troops (for fun, shoot the glass panels), and get the Green

Code Key (again, your Datapad will update). Continue through the stairs section of the room (Bacta and a Large Shield Booster in here), through the door... look familiar?


Go left, past the stairs and through the door at the end (on the right)

and back out to the walkways... go through the red insignia door (more Turrets), through the small door on the right and up - use the switch, then back out and up the next set of stairs (straight ahead and on your left).


There's a semi-circular ledge which gives you a view of the room where

you would have ended up if you had gone past the stairs. Go left and up the lift (Small Shield Booster in here on the left) and hit the switch (shoot out the

windows if you want). Go out on the narrow ledge and hit the switch out there to activate the computer at the walkways. Back to the control room, kill the Impys coming up the lift and get the Key.


Back down the lift, down the stairs, go left and through the door

(through the room you saw from the semi-circular ledge). There's a red glowing column... to the left are 2 Bacta Crates, to the right is a control panel. Use the panel (the blue one under the graphic of the satellite dish) for some foreboding... use it a total of 4 times. Note the suspended corridors in the viewscreen - you'll be there soon.


Down the corridor - past the locked door - and Regenerators are on the

left. Through the unlocked door (watch out for the fuel valves, get the

Batteries), and out into the suspended corridor.

Run down the tunnel... as you get to the end the game will break to a

short cutscene - the tunnel collapses behind you. There's a door up ahead on the right, then stairs going down... there are 3 Probe Droids at the bottom.


There's a square lift on the other side of the glass panel... don't use

it yet. Use the other lift instead (Ammo & Regen at the top), through the door

to the other tunnel arm and some Thermal Detonators. This tunnel will blow as

well, so back down to the Probe Droid room and take that square lift up.


Watch out for the Probe Droids out here. You can't destroy the dish, but

on the same ledge as the dish is a Large Shield Booster (look past the dish and

you'll see the control booth where you turned on the base defenses way back

when). Along the top of the tunnel - you can shoot into the control room from up here - and drop down into the control room. Through the door on the other side, kill the Impys, and get the Red Code Key.


Through the grey door - the red column room is on the right. Through it

and back out to the walkways. Enter the codes at the appropriate consoles (kick out to your Datapad occasionally)... you'll have to go back and forth between the three switches for each Code Key. After all the codes are entered, go around to the fourth side and hit all three switches.


Across the new walkway and through the door to end the level.

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Can anyone tell me the best way to dispatch the Shadow Trooper I encounter in Level 17 - Cairn Dock?


If I remember correctly (and I may not, it's been awhile since I played JK II), the first shadow troopers you encounter are in that circular arena with the glass platforms all around you.


There are four ways that I've used to quickly dispatch them in the past -


1.) Jump up on the highest platform and wait for them to come to you, then pick them up one at a time with Force Grip and throw them off. I'm pretty sure it's far enough to kill them.


2.) Use Saber Throw constantly.


3.) Make quick hit-and-run attacks.


4.) Wait for them to attack first. They'll usually use strong style, so it's pretty easy to see when they're about to make an attack. When they start to strike, switch to fast style, run in, and take a quick swing while he's vulnerable.

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Hi all, I am still really stuck at this bit. I think its bugged.


I have got the key, i select it, get on the lift, point at the control pad and hit the 'use' key (I have this mapped to Enter and E). Nothing happens, i cannot get the lift to go up. I have tried everything i can think of.


Help.. please :)

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