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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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This is the casting call thread for the upcoming Lucasarts game, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed.


Information about the game:


*The game takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.


*Vader takes a new apprentice, hidden from the Emperor, and sends him across the galaxy to destroy the remaining Jedi.


*Vader finally came to realize that the Emperor had tricked him into turning towards the dark side, but he knows it's too late to go back, so the only thing he can do is destroy the Emperor with his apprentice.


Canonical Characters:


Vader’s Apprentice.


Darth Vader.


The Emperor.


Shaak Ti


Maris Brood


General Kota


Juno Eclipse


You can play as one of the characters above or you can create your own characters. Just try to stay in the limits of these organizations:


The Galactic Empire


Jedi Order


The Secret Order of the Sith Lords: (works in the shadows according to the Emperor's orders)


Prophets of the Dark Side


Emperor’s Hands


However, remember to add the originally character sheet:






Organization :


Ship: (if you have one)

Appearance: (put some picture)




I will start the game as soon as we get enough players.

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Here's my character sheet:


Name: Unknown.


Aka: The Apprentice.


Age: Unknown.


Gender: Male.


Species: Human.


Organization: The Galactic Empire.


Rank: Apprentice.


Ship: Rogue Shadow.


Appearance: Vader's Apprentice.


Weapons: Lightsaber.


Bio: Vader’s Apprentice was a Human male secretly taken as an apprentice by Darth Vader during the Great Jedi Purge. Vader hoped to use him to eventually overthrow Emperor Palpatine.

Though skilled with telekinesis and Force lightning, he was not officially considered a Sith apprentice, owing to the fact that the position was occupied by Vader himself. His existence was considered such a secret that he would make a point of leaving few witnesses to his work, even Imperial ones like stormtroopers.


Vader sent his apprentice to hunt down survivors of Order 66.

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This looks to be a good game coming out, and a good RP as well, I'll join!


I'll assume most of his traits, such as age and stuff, since most of it is not given.


Name: General Kota

Aka: N/A

Age: 66-70

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Organization: Jedi Order

Rank: Jedi Master

Ship: Eta 2 Actis-class light interceptor

Appearance: Kota

Weapons: Lightsaber - Dual Phased, Electrum

Bio: Kota was a elder male Human Jedi during the Clone Wars who escaped Order 66. During the Jedi Purge he was hunted down by an apprentice of Darth Vader's. He carried a blue lightsaber. ((Can't say much more about him because not much is given.))

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OK I'll join. This gal is one from my story Broken Wounds Heal.


Name: Ashira-Li Starlighter

AkA: Nekang

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Organization: Jedi Order

Rank: Jedi Master

Ship: Avalonian Stock Freighter called of all things Light of Courage

Appearance: Rather short for an Avalonian for classic height is 6 feet but it is not a disadvantage. Wearing Avalonian garb, more likely the black style but often seen with the traditional Avalonian Jedi Robes. Lucky for her, most people have never seen an Avalonian Jedi in the open. Soft brown hair with permanent blonde highlights arranged in either a tight bun or in a gathered like braid. Body type is athletic and hard and muscular having disguised herself as a soldier once. Ears are pointed like all Avalonians and eyes the color of amber much like the color of Kirabaros.

Weapons: specialized double lightsaber that can convert into two singles both with bronze blades


Born the daughter of Lord Governor Rowan Starlighter and Princess Aliva of the Zerron Tribe, she was taken per request by her parents to be raise in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. She grew up in the temple with one foot in Avalon and one foot in the Republic into a Jedi, but not one in the conventional sense of the word. Inheriting her ancestor's tactician's mind, she commanded huge legions of her people's warriors and Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars and succeeded in helping Belos survive the seige it had been under. Excelling in stealth, she can blend in with her surroundings and hide in plain sight along with her command of the Force.

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That's more like it! :)


I'm claiming Arden Lyn; and I'll create an original character.


Name: Arden Lyn

Age: over 25,000 years

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Organization: Galactic Empire

Rank: Emperor's Hand

Appearance: Image: Arden Lyn

Weapons: lightsaber

Bio: Long ago, Arden Lyn was trained in the nearly forgotten art of Teras Kasi. After she had mastered the art, 25,000 years ago, she lost a fight with a Jedi Master, which sent her into a healing trance, which lasted until just recently. In recent weeks, Arden lost an arm in a fight and had it replaced with a droid arm. Still more recently, she got herself noticed by the Emperor and Vader. Now, she is an Emperor's Hand, going where the Emperor sends her, killing whoever he wants dead.




Name: Senka


Age: Unknown (looks mid-twenties)


Gender: Female


Species: Unknown (looks Human)


Organization: N/A


Rank: N/A


Appearance: Image: Senka


Weapons: dual-phase lightsaber (first setting, standard length blue blade; second setting, half-length colorless blade); twin compact blaster pistols, surprisingly accurate and powerful for their size; 1 long cortosis alloy knife


Bio: Little is known about Senka. She claims to have been a Jedi at one time and a Sith at another. Now, she says she is neither, simply a Force user. If her claims are true, however, she was Jedi and Sith under different names entirely, for there are no records of anyone named 'Senka' in either order.


If asked, Senka will admit that she no longer goes by the name she was given at birth. Nor does she go by the name she assumed while a Sith. "I name myself for what I represent," she says, "Senka, shadow. I am neither light nor dark; neither good nor bad."


Because of this vague explanation of her loyalties, the surviving Jedi stay well away from her and the Emperor ignores her. But recently, she has been gaining some attention among some of the more bold Jedi and they begin to suspect she is a little more worthy of their trust than even she claims.

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I too, will make an original character, because I won't always be able or capable of playing as General Kota.


Name: Scud

Age: 2,202

Gender: Male

Species: Gen'Dai

Organization: Not Quite sure yet.

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: Linkism: Definately recamend looking at this guy's gallery. Though I personally don't like using other's art, or characters, this was the ONLY picture of a Gen'Dai I could find, besides Durge.

Weapons: Guns, swords, rockets, oh my! This guy's a walking toolshed of stuff, so to list his weapons would be long and pointless. Goodness, his armor's a weapon too!

Bio: Original Bio

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Good to join. I also want to add that Ashira-Li is what they call a Shi-Cho Handmaiden and a sister of the Haida Handmaidens of Belos meaning that she is of the elitist warrior groups and they see on a level different from the Jedi Masters. They aren't liek Miralukas but they are sensitive to the inner workings of the Force and they are the deadliest of their kind.

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Age:Appears to be in mid 30s


Species:Human(with unknown DNA)


Rank: Jedi Fugative

Ship: None

Appearance:Click Here


Bio:Michael was a Jedi Master who was captured during the Battle of Coruscant. He escaped only when the Empire attacked his captor a month after the Jedi Purge. He escaped and learnt the fate of the Jedi. Since then he has been working with the rebellion, doing whatever damage to the empire that he can. He is also looking to take on an apprentice, prefably someone who allready has had some form of force training.

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Name: Quinlan Vos

Aka: None

Age: 40's

Gender: Male

Species: Kiffar

Organization : Jedi Order

Rank: Jedi Master

Ship: Red and white Eta-2 Actis Class Interceptor

Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/thumb/d/d4/Quinlan.jpg/250px-Quinlan.jpg

Weapons: Lightsaber

Bio: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Quinlan_Vos


Name: Tara Skyrider

Aka: None

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Organization: The Secret Order of the Sith Lords

Rank: ?

Ship: Black and grey Eta-2 Actis Class Light Interceptor

Appearance: Red hair, green eyes, Dark Jedi Robe.

Weapons: Lightsaber, Blaster Pistol

Bio: Tara was born and taken to the Jedi Order at a young age like many others. She turned to the Sith at about the same time of Order 66, having been corrupted by Count Dooku. She then went to hiding for a while but when she heard the Jedi had lost, she tried to get Vader to train her, but he instead choosed the other apprentice, so she started working as a shadow under the Emperor's orders, holding a grudge against him.


Hope it's all okay with her bio THA.

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he-he every body is jedi so I think i'l be a Stormtrooper officer.


Name:Fede Hejia

Aka:"White Lion"




Organization : Galactic Empire

Rank:Stormtrooper officer

Ship: TIE/ln starfighter

Appearance: http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s35/Stiletto1991/?action=view&current=Storm.jpg

Weapons:E-11 blaster rifle and SE-14R light repeating blaster

Bio:Born in Alderaan son of Captain Jeno Hejia , great soldier and leader of "304th Stormtrooper Division". Always in the service of the Empire

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