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Take a look at:



Anyone else up for the task of making Omni-bot work with JA?


DrEvil said he could help if need be. I've got the full sdk on HDD from svn.


I'd rather not post direct link to the main svn and only pm it to those who would be of interest in helping etc.


Honestly... this way pwns TABBots anyday, sorry Razor. :(


You'll need knowledge of some C++ if you want to help btw.


For starters we mostly just need basic goals for JA, can add siege and force powers later...

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Yea, the page itself doesn't show much about them. But I had played on an ETPub server last week and they had some names of real players with uber high XP with XPSave. They honestly would rape me some of the times and helped me a lot on some maps. And I didn't realize they were bots until i did !listplayers and saw their GUID was *OMNIBOT....

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Well, it's not that hard to make a uber-aim bot.


I personally think the goal of a good bot is to make them act like real players. I do realize that the TABBots aren't the greatest, but I simply haven't had the time to work on them farther.


I think it would be easier to just upgrade the TABBots than it would be to import a bot from another game.

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Skeleton is mostly the basic setup of bots that know how to explore on their own and go to specific waypoints when commanded too.


ET has special evaluators / goals for each thing that it knows.


Will add JA specific ones at a later time though. DrEvil just got JA so yea..

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  • 7 months later...

Some rather big updates...


  • I've got them using several of the weapons now.
  • Using the so far unreleased 0.7 codebase.
  • Can use force jump when told to to get to certain areas.
  • They know how to attack certain things even if not players.
  • They "feel" being drained and pushed/pulled since they do not take damage, had to mimic the feel pain event.
  • For now they ignore players whom have the bot mindtricked (instead of trying to counter if they have seeing).
  • Bot file for custom userinfo based on names set in the ja_autoexec.gm file.
  • They know CTF goals but there is a bug currently that causes them to stop moving around with flags taken.
  • Cleaned up SVF_BOT checks with interface functions from other places in cgame code.
  • With 0.7 codebase, comes newer debug window, and the waypoint code previously shown.
  • Eventually, might have the ability to use NavMesh (FloodFill)


New Early OpenGL Debug Window In Map View:



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Not necessarily, things still need to be optimized for later. Plus there isn't enough data known to really make it work (Unless one wanted to go and do millions of traces for virtually every coord (-65536, -65536 to 65536, 65536)


You can already do waypoint_autofeature and it puts points at spawnpoints, push triggers (and their target), teleport triggers (and their target), and ctf flags.

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