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Changing default nickname


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Hey, does anyone know if there's any way to change the default nickname from "Padawan" to something else?

I've looked around and I can only find Padawan being used to replace blank names, and in void Svcmd_BotList_f( void ).

Is it possible that it was defined in the SP SDK, not in MP?

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The menus cannot set names, that would be a waste, cause you would have to set the name each time you entered the menu.

And yeah, that was the one I talked about, it only changes the name when trying to enter a blank name.


By the way, would it be possible to, in ClientCleanName, add a little something that disallows the name "Padawan"? I suppose if someone (engine or human) tries to set the name to Padawan, it would change into whatever is set in this if statement:

if( *p == 0 || colorlessLen == 0 ) {
Q_strncpyz( p, "Padawan", outSize );

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Okay, looks like this function or whatever it is, only gets tested when the player enters the battle, not in the menus, and when spectating and such.

But anyway, I added this little thingy:


	while( 1 ) {
	ch = *in++;
	if( !ch ) {

// The Matrix Unleashed Start
// Don't allow the name of "Padawan"
	if( Q_stricmp(p, "Padawan") )
// The Matrix Unleashed Stop

and it works like I said (the name changes first when the player has entered the battle). Does anyone know if there's a way to change when this function (ClientCleanName) is called? Perhaps, right after the openinglogos?


And does this look like valid code anyway? XD I'm soo extremely new to this...

And is there an easy way to check what the current nickname is?

Sorry for all the questions..

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