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Humourous at times!


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Well, I think there are some characters that say some pretty funny lines!


Tyber Zann ( to Jabba the Hutt :jab1 )

" If you don't keep to your promise, I will personally come to Tatooine and feed you to your own Rancor. "

The voice in which he says that line is part of what makes it funny.

There are loads of funny lines just like these, mostly said by Tyber himself.


Anyobody else think so?

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Hmm, there's also some other funny lines, like when you're arriving at Bespin and the local stormie ask you for your authorization papers. Tyber awnsers:


"You don't need to see my authorization papers..."



"This one thinks he's a Jedi! And why I don't need to see your papers?"


Again, Tyber

"Because you're already dead!"


Urai appears and stab the soldier from behind.

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Yeah, I remember that one.

Do you remember this one? ( It's similar, but not quite as funny. )

Tyber Zann:

" You're the bounty hunter that Jabba sent, aren't you? I would ask you to send my replies to Jabba, but you might not get the chance, because the rescue party that I've sent is about to be here any minute. "

Bounty Hunter:

" I'll be gone by then. "

Tyber Zann:

" You're right. "

Urai then uncloaks himself and stabs the guy.

Man, that Tyber guy... Wooh, real clown...

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