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Idea about some force knockdown system


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This concerns force powers, to make it more balanced, I had this idea:

Making a force resistance level, and a push power level.


Resistance :



Run: 0

Walk: 1

still: 2



MP = 0: 4

0<MP<=5: 3

5<MP<=10: 2

10<MP<=15: 1


-Absorb level

Instead of making abosrb THE way to resist force powers, it should CONTRIBUTE to it. I've been playing holocron recently, and I totally owned all the bots with lightning and pull, except the one who had absorb. With this new knockdown system, you could resist to force without absorb if you are very careful (no running + shooting a lot), but you can still get a better resistance by choosing the power. :)

1,2,3 more resistance points for level 1,2,3.

It fits perfectly the 1,4,9 power (max resistance is 9).


You make the sum of the 3 previous things (movement and mishap).

Resistance goes from 1 to 9.



Push power: 1,4,9, respectively level 1,2,3 (^2)



Test would be:


if (push_power > resistance)


else increase_mishap; (MP_increase = int((9 - resistance + enemy_power)/2))




I have 30% of mishap, I am walking, I got 3 resistance, an enemy pushes me with level 2 (power 3), I resist knockdown and gain 10% of mishap, I now have 40%, which doesnt change anything, but suddenly very scared, I release the walk button, I'm not running. My resistance is now 2 only ! My opponent pushes me again with his level 2 (power 3), and Oh no I fall down! and now...ARGH.



Recap table (knockdown yes/no):



. 1 4 9 Push

1 n y y

2 n y y

3 n y y

4 n n y

5 n n y

6 n n y

7 n n y

8 n n y

9 n n n



Tell me what you think of it. It could solve the overpower of force versus gunner, but it won't overpower gunners because if they run around or shoot too much they will have less resistance and be vulnerable.

This could apply to the knockdown of push, pull, and lightning.

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Yea the problem is : I have no idea how hard it is to do something like that, doing this in a little standalone program without a game behind wouldn't be hard, but in the game code itself, I don't know, so if it is too hard to add in, too bad.

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I'll come back to say that it MIGHT be a bit complicated to get into, and it might be a bit too restricting for gunners.. but with the aiming mode we had planned together with the current settings for guns increasing mishap I think it would be a fine addition that would take some getting used too.

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It sounds pretty good.


My concern is the MP increase from blocking the attack. There's a limited range of MP that players can have (0-15) and if Force power blocking always increases this amount when blocked, I'm worried that the Force powers can just always be spamed. Maybe if the amount of MP increase be based on the level of resistance vs the level of attack?


Also, should having the same type of power (lightning skill vs lightning skill) apply to your resistance level?

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Well I've thought about the MP increase because otherwise, a gunner with no MP, full absorb, and standing still would be totally imune to knockdown, which makes my idea overpowered. This prevents it. And by the way, being pushed away could cause some balance problem (which makes you fall if you are not careful), which increases your MP.


Basing the MP increase directly on the level of resistance vs level of attack would be pointless since this MP increase is supposed to prevent people from being imune to force. But if you do something so that even someone with 9 resistance vs 1 power gains MP, it could be fine, but even the guy with most resistance must gain mishap, not to be imune forever.


As for the same type of power resistance, I think it shouldn't affect resistance. The ability to cast powerful lightning bolts should not make you resist more, same with push and pull. Absorb is the only power that should affect resistance, according to me.

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I think that's too high. At level 3 with max resistance....

9 = 2*9 - 9


Which would an increase of over half the MP meter. And would mean that any level of player could never block level 3 of anything more than once.




MP_increase = (7 - resistance - enemy_power) or 1 minimum

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Nevermind, just gotta find something so it fits the /15.

Min power is 1

Max resistance is 9



increase = 9 - resistance + enemy_power

the minimum increase is 1, and the maximum is... well 18, but you can be knocked if you have 0 resistance, easily.


*Note: the fact that MP goes up to 15 only creates a new problem in the resistance calculation, I made 5 levels... 0 25 50 75 100...(see first post for better explanation). Gotta fix it so it fits the 15 MP.


=>Edit: OK changed a little thing in the resistance calculation, now the minimum resistance is 1, maximum is still 9. That won't change much in the whole thing, I think. It should be fine like this.

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Indeed, if we proceed to the increase_MP part, it means the resistance was too high for the enemy power. So making resistance - power is a bit pointless, I agree...

If we halve it we'll have:

MP_increase = enemy_power - resistance/2

which is also

MP_increase = 2*enemy_power - resistance (to avoid float)


Let's test the cases:


power = 1

MP_increase = 2 - 1 = 1 (maximum)

MP_increase = 2 - 9 = -7 (minimum) eeh?


power = 4

MP_increase = 8 - 4 = 4 (maximum)

MP_increase = 8 - 9 = -1 (minimum) eeh? again


power = 9

MP_increase = 18 - 9 = 9 (only case, since max resistance = max power = 9)



what to do with the negative numbers?



Oh wait I finally got what you meant in your last sentence, indeed, it cannot go up to 18 because resistance >= power, so in my calculation, the range is 1-9 for power 1, 4-9 for power 4, and 9 for power 9.

Seems a bit high though, and if we reduce of 1? 0-8 for level 1 should be OK because being invulnerable against level 1 could do...

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