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what would you rather be, a commando or a arc trooper


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I would be an ARC, and i can give j00 a list why:


1. There very obedent, so they would do an order without any fuss [iT WILL DO AS IT IS TOLD]


2. They basicly have no concience (I don't know if I spelt that right) so they can complete a task without holding back [THE TARGET GETS NO MERCY]


3. They always get the latest issue of Grade-A equipment [iT WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE BIGGER HAMMER]


4. They react to kill their enemy because there is no time to think when it comes to life and death [iT WILL STRIKE THEN EAT ITS PREY]




6. They have lighter amor so their speed is greatly increased [iT BECOMES THE LIGHTNING WAR]


7. They can get the closes to a target without being detected [iT STALKS ITS PREY WHILE IT ISN'T THERE]


I'll think of more reasons when I can remember them =)

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i just want to say that people are overreacting


sry, it's just that ARCs are so 1337 and ificient. (don't know if I spelt that right either)


oh and plzzz come to my thread. it makes me feel like no one actually has an imagination [i AM NOT SAYING THIS IN AN INSULTING WAY]

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ARC Troopers, without doubt. Commandos aren't even supposed to exist except for some LucasArts money-making ploy. :D


Seriously, ARCs are better than Commandos in every possible way. I can't imagine why the cloners would spend their money on Commandos.

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