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We all love it, we all want it: The 'Have a punch with Rye Rye Rocco!' Thread

Ray Jones


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  1. 1. Punch-A-Roc-O-Rama

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We're just having fun with you, assface. You come here, talk crap, and shove out this "hehe I am so clever" attitude and try to feel somewhat special because you think we cannot do something about you or your stupid ****. But you thoroughly miss out on the fact that there is just one reason why you've not been gangbangassraped by some of our admins yet: you sire are used for being the entertainment factor. Noone here really cares for you nor your stories nor what you do.

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As the Dude would say, Yeah well, that's like, your opinion man.

I think it's funny how you people think you can actually accomplish anything by telling me off. You have to realize you are only wasting your time, so why even bother? I mean **** man, it's not like I actually even read your posts.

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