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Bot issue


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Hello all, I've not been able to place bots in my server though it worked before, now if i write /rcon addbot stormtrooper 5 blue, it says "stormtrooper:default" something, even though i have enabled bots, the bots does not join automatically though i have "bot_minplayers 3"


seta bot_enable 1

seta bot_minplayers 3

seta bot_nochat 1.

seta bot_fastchat 0

seta bot_challenge 1

seta bot_groundonly 0 (no clue what this one does)

seta g_npcspskill 5


anybody have the solution? please share, i am just beginning to learn how to mod =)

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You might want to paste the whole error message not just "stormtrooper:default" something.


Also, do you have enough slots allocated (sv_maxclients) ?


And... Would be good to know the following as well:

Are you running any mods?

Is the game patched to 1.01 (correctly)?

Are you using Linux, windows, or MAC?

Are you using the dedicated server binary or regular with +set dedicated 1/2?


Edit: why is there a period after bot_nochat 1 ? That doesn't actually make them shut up you know...

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No it' still 1.0, well no mods, but I've done "timescale 0.5" and "g_knockback 130" dunno if that counts

Yeah i am using windows XP, my jampDed shortcut is "+exec server.cfg +set net_port 29071 +seta dedicated 2"

yep maxclients are set to "sv_maxclients 13"

the error message was when i type addbot in console it says "addbot is: "Rodian" Default: "Rodian" the other error message was "CG_ReadNextSnapshot: way out of range, 1019>"

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I've done a little more intense research and i found this


"usage: seta <variable> <value>

usage: seta <variable> <value>

bot_enable will be changed upon restarting"


I will try to restart map in game, nope, didn't work.

I don't get it, bots used to work before

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