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Server crash when timelimit hit, can't add bots


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Hello, I have no clue how to solve this, the first one is i can't add bots and the second is that my server crashes when the time limit is hit. I've tried all kinds of things but nothing has given any results which is very frustrating. I just wanna kill the problem! :twogun: if that was possible ):


I use windows XP, the server is on 1.0, any help would really be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


// Server Config

rconpassword ""

seta sv_hostname "^1º^7pap^1è^7r^1¢^7ut's mªtr¡× mºd£ ²

seta g_motd "^2 ~ the mátr¡× has you»³ ² ¹"

sets "Admin" "^1º^7pap^1è^7r^1¢^7ut"

sets "Admin E-Mail" "Spongenoob05@hotmail.com"



// gametypes

// 0 = FFA

// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament



// 7 = SIEGE

// 8 = CTF

set g_gametype 4


set g_autoMapCycle 0


set map1 "map mp/duel2; set nextmap vstr map2;"

set map2"map mp/duel3; set nextmap vstr map3;"

set map3 "map mp/duel5; set nextmap vstr map4;"

set map4 "map mp/duel9; set nextmap vstr map1;"


vstr map1


seta sv_master1 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"

seta sv_master2 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"

seta sv_master3 ""

seta sv_master4 ""

seta sv_master5 "clanservers.net"

seta sv_master6 "master0.gamespy.com


seta bot_enable 1

seta bot_minplayers 3

seta bot_nochat 1.

seta bot_fastchat 0

seta bot_challenge 1

seta bot_groundonly 0

seta g_npcspskill 5


seta sv_maxclients 13

seta g_inactivity 0

sv_maxRate 8000

set g_allowvote 0

set timelimit 2

set capturelimit 20

seta sv_floodProtect 1

seta g_saberDamagescale 2


seta g_sabertracesaberfirst 1

seta seta g_dismember 100

seta g_forcePowerDisable 163837

seta g_weaponsdisable 8

seta g_debugMelee 1

seta g_forceRegenTime 80

seta dmflags8

seta g_noSpecMove 0

seta g_slowmoDuelEnd 0

seta g_friendlyFire 1

seta g_forceBasedTeams 0

seta g_duelWeaponDisable 0

seta fraglimit 0

seta duel_fraglimit 10

seta g_siegeTeamSwitch 1

seta com_HunkMegs 32

seta sv_fps 100

seta com_zoneMegs 32

seta com_SoundMegs 16

seta sv_zombietime 30

seta g_synchronousclients 0

seta disable_ammo_metallic_bolts 1

seta disable_ammo_powercell 1

seta g_saberLocking 1

seta g_saberLockFactor 5

seta sv_privatepassword "imsmart"

seta sv_privateclients 1

seta g_locationBasedDamage 1

seta g_siegeRespawn 10

seta g_saberWallDamageScale 0.4

seta g_maxForceRank 7

seta g_timeouttospec 30

seta sv_allowDownload 1

seta g_showDuelHealths 1

seta d_saberkicktweak 0


seta logfile 3

seta g_log "jagames.log

seta g_statLog 1

seta g_statLogFile "stats.log

seta g_logSync "1"

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Well when i had the timelimit problem, i actually fixed it by disabling 2 commands.

I think it was Bot minplayers and Automapcycle.

Well it doesnt crash either now, so i might can add my config information here, so you guys can investigate it by your self.

Ill do that when i get home.

It worked for Powerduel too.

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sure acdc, i just started from ground zero, since i couldn't find the problem i re-installed jk3, got the files for creating a server and used my old settings. Thats it, voila =)


Didn't trow away my base folder though, i kept my skins and stuff

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