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Large resolution on KotOR 1


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I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find anything totally relevant.


I run my monitor at 1680x1050. KotOR just runs in this tiny window, TSL in a bigger but still not fullscreen video... is there a patch or something to make them run full screen?


Thanks for your time.

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there is no such patch that will get either Kotor or Kotor 2 to run in large resolutions. apparently, the games were designed for a 4:3 aspect ratio which means that the game does not run in widescreen resolutions as far as i'm aware.


you can try editing the swkotor.ini (or swkotor2.ini for Kotor 2) located in your "LucasArts\swkotor\" directory as there are values in those files that hold the settings for the screen resolution. if it does work properly, keep in mind that you could lose stability as the games were not designed for those resolutions.


while your in the file, make sure that under [Graphics Options] that "Fullscreen" = 1 to ensure that the game does not run in windowed mode.


hope that helps. ;)

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