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Oh, and love my 1:1 Falcon, I put it under my bed.


Seriously, it will be my AT-AT, the old original one, lost the package with the rope and hook though =.=

Second would be that Rancor(moving jaws), Then Tie(without those burnt mark stickers) then xwing(small one that breaks up with press of a button), then Tarntarn(like the open stomach version more, its soft).


Hmmm jedi action figures with retractable sabers are cool also, though the little bit of plastic string at the frons is weird, the little yoda with treetrunk legs is cute. :)


For the newer stuff I like the droideka that rolls up, the nice set of tie/xwing/falcon model (though they are still half painted in the box, no time to finish them) Oh that nice lightsaber. But the new retractable toy saber is more fun than the old ones, or the good looking oens. I mean, you get to smack people with it.


Unfortunately everything is opened. I enjoy playing it way back when I was a kid. Yeah its said that some of the models missed a thumb and such, and the paint goes off on some of them -,-

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