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Fake pings


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I understand how annoying it is, but you must go and look for unofficial patches for fixing your server.

Try to close all ports, leave only whats needed for Jedi Academy Server.

Keep an eye on your console directly from the server.

Enable WinXP Firewall and patch your WinXP from Windows Update.

Use virus scanner, but not a heavy one. I use free-av.com ( freeware & doesnt detect spyware and adware, but it detects rest).

Good luck

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Just wondering, is it possible to fake a ping? The hoster always has a zero ping, so the players which break rules/crash servers.. always has the upper hand.

Maybe its smart to turn sv_allowdownload off too, so they cant download ur server.cfg (its a bug..) and get the rcon password.

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It's possible to give the bots on your server fake pings, but I've never heard of someone being able to fake their own ping (as a human player in the game).


The "Zero ping" thing only occurs if you're hosting a non-dedicated server. Otherwise you'll have a ping just like everybody else. On a non-dedicated server, the host player always has an advantage (however slight) from his zero ping, that's just how it is.

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