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Weird Graphic Problems in Cantinas in KOTOR

Darth NeoVenom

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I recently started playing KOTOR for the first time and everything runs perfectly fine...that is until I enter a Cantina that was in the Upper City. I get this weird graphic effect that makes the screen look as if a bullet went right through it.


Here's a screenshot I took:


KOTOR Screenshot


I thought it was just that Cantina but then when I entered the Lower City Cantina, I get the same problems.


Here are my computer specs (btw, my comp met the minimum requirements):


CPU: AMD Duron processor 1.00 GHz

Memory: 512MB

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200


Is there a way to fix it? Thanks for reading.

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I have the EXACT same problem. ITS SOOO FRUSTRATING, when you go into bases then the jedi temple in tantooine it appears constantly.


I have the same amount of memory and the same graphic card.


Edit: I found the answer. Do you have the latest nvidia drivers? cause if you do that's the cause of this.




Basically uninstall your current drivers and install 84.21 drivers, if that doesn't work 77.77. I did that and now i don't have those textures anymore.

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