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Should OJP Enhanced Include Maps, Models, and Hilts?

Should OJP Enhanced include Maps, Models, and Hilts?  

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  1. 1. Should OJP Enhanced include Maps, Models, and Hilts?

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What can they do? If a model is made for JKO, it will work in JA but with issues to the dual and staff stances.

I think it is because the JO models don't have the right tags in them.

Or they use the JO skeleton, which would not have the Ja animations.


Either way, you could just edit them to work with Ja.

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i'm all up for making new models and player models and hilts and all that jazz.. but who is the mapper?

so far i've only heard of one...


I might have something for you... hang on...:


*real time search*




Scroll down and you can select blasters by type and you have a shi'ite load of reference pics and info to go on if you're interested in that :)

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I like direction though... anything you guys give me i'll try to come up with something that will work.


so if you guys have any ideas for something new to put in game... i'll work something up in max for it.


hint.... new player models anybody?


oops did I say that out loud?

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Hahaha I think playermodels are plenty... personally I feel like when we fix balance we should load the profile screen with some more usable skills for jedi, and more guns and gadgets for gunners.


That blaster list that I gave you has a lot of cool stuff in it, like the arc trooper rifle, looks cool and I already have sort of an idea of what kind of effect I could make it shoot :D


Also, we have permission to use War_Shark's DE-10 blaster pistol but Ace hasn't gotten around to implementing it, please don't forget this gun guys I went to great trouble for it :p

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Buggy models ruined MB2, for example. Of course, it may just have been me, but was the SBD, kinda, bugged? Is he meant to hold his arm over his head?


The SBD is actually a vehicle in wich you're forced to spawn in. So it has a different skeleton which mean custom animations made by the author.


And the JO models have that bug because there's a bone missing on the right hand of the skeleton, or it has a different name in the JA skelleton (if i remember correctly it's the "l_hang_tag_bone"). Anyway if you wanna fix it you'll have to weight it to the JA skeleton.

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...You're joking, right?


The whole issue is a single typo they didn't fix in the patch? Wow... an you can't do anything because it's engine code, right?


Wow, that SUCKS. There's really no other words for it.


Wouldn't it be technically possible to take a resource editor and edit the jamp executable with it, thus fixing it? I mean it's just one string...

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