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Which Gametypes Do You Play in OJP Enhanced?

Which Gametypes Do You Use in OJP Enhanced?  

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  1. 1. Which Gametypes Do You Use in OJP Enhanced?

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We're currently discussing possible themes for OJP Enhanced and the issue of gametypes came up. Which gametypes do you play while using OJP Enhanced? Please click all that apply.


(If we find that certain gametypes are more popular, we'll try to make the theme match that somehow.)

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OJP hasn't had enough players in the same server to warrant a nice TFFA/CTF game, now it has and I can tell that it's the most fun experience I've had with OJP thus far.


It brings more order to some of the chaos and just maximizes the funfactor by making everyone of your gadgets and powers useful. Especially when playing CTF; you can either support, defend or attack:


Attackers get the flag, defenders plant sentries and guard the base and supporters support the attackers. We've been playing Naboo hills V2.1 and you can't imagine the rush of seeing a teammate run in, shoot some guys, get the flag and then come back and sit in your vehicle as a passenger while you fly them back to your base.


Team FFA opens up more realistic battles where wits count. Certainly setting it on LMS mode or making the fraglimit as high as half the playercount makes people value their lives a lot. I however hate doing the latter since it reminds me too much of the rounds MBII uses. I'd much rather see a respawn-timer like in ET/BF2 to keep our FFA spirit but still give it a realistic boost.


I will never ever play capture the ysalamiri without being forced too so maybe you should split that option :p

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