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Vader's Apprentice

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Justin Bailey?

Bob, Doug, or Bubba.


I mean, why not? Give him no official name, and let us name him. So I can once again do stupid thing like naming him "yoda" or something like that.


"Yoda, You will Find Yoda and Bring Me His Head On A Silver Plate!"


Wonder if I get Extra Bonus for naming him Zelda.

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When naming a character I like to try to recreate some of the magic that GL originally used when naming some of the original characters in the story...meaning that I like to look up the definitions of names and see what would be a best potential fit.


For examle, I recently began playing TSL (again) and this time with some of the new speculation regarding a possible connection between the Exile and Nihilus - I wanted my character's name to reflect that. So I came up with Perditus Kaan...perditus coming from Latin, meaning "lost" and kaan (actually can) being Turkish for "soul" or "life" -OR- Perditus Kaan, Lost Soul.


So when it comes to naming the "secret apprentice" I hope that either we are given the chance to put our thoughts into the name, or that the name was created with care and purpose.

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Hmm, I've yet to hear of a guy named Jane :D



You must not have seen Firefly or Serenity then...



... Jayne Cobb :p



To be honest as to the naming of Vader's apprentice... I don't care. It's not a PC game and I've only got a PC, so there's no point for me to care :(

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No way. It's gonna be Mcvicker's lucky day!


It's gonna be like this: Here's the dim-witted duo in some hi tech SW style room.


Mcvicker is all spazzed out sitting at a desk.


Leia comes in the door opposite McVicker.


"Uhh, COME to darth butt-head. huhuh-huh."


"Heh-heh. Wussie. MMeh-heh-heheh. Come to Beavis Skywanker!"


"Shut up beavis...you buttknocker. huh-huh."


"mmmmmm-eeeeeh. OHHH no! mmmeeh.."


"DAMNIT! Stop calling me a buttknocker! You bugly fugly smugly smelly excuse for a bum wipe! "

<kicks darth butt-head in the groin>





Leia is walikg by the two.


"Take that, dumbass. mm-mm heheh......mmeh-heh. Hey baby. how's it goin'?" (touches Leia's hip)


Leia frowns annoyedly and turns to beavis.





"Hu-uh (cough), you suck. (cough)."


"Shut up!"


Mc Vicker comes out from his desk. Leia takes McVicker's arm and giggles..... and they walk off out another door.


Daria comes in. Rolls her eyes and helps darth butthead up. "You guys are never gonna get any." She walks away.


"This sucks. MMeh-heh heh."


"Uhh, yeah really. We didn't score."


The senile old farmer vern type janitor walks by.

"What a couple of dumbasses. heh."


The end.

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