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TFU for PC?

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If there will be a PC version we probably won't be hearing about it for a while. Most games are ported to different platforms months or years after release. :(




EaW's graphics aren't really that spectacular. That and the fact there hadn't been a SW RTS since Battlegrounds gave it a pretty good market.








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It's fate. Some games are just not worth the trouble of releasing on another console (the PC, that would be). A lot of money is wasted on the conversion, and the developers and distributor even have to pay a tax for it. They don't think that the normal PC player would have that playing style (They think, is it true, I wonder?).

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It's fate. Some games are just not worth the trouble of releasing on another console (the PC, that would be). A lot of money is wasted on the conversion, and the developers and distributor even have to pay a tax for it. They don't think that the normal PC player would have that playing style (They think, is it true, I wonder?).


Yes it's not just graphics that have to be addressed, it's porting for a start which is always an expensive business and porting would require a complete refigurement of the controls to fit the format and parts o the game would have to be redesigned (control tutorials etc). making the initial game project more time-consuming and expensive. I think this is the key reason why LA decided not to release for PC, as they weighed out the pros & cons of doing so and the cons came out on top.


@ all the people who only play PC & Console haters (i play PC & Console); you'll have to get over the fact that TFU is not coming out for PC and probably won't ever come out for the PC so you'll have to deal with it, be stubborn and stick to PC (thus missing out this obvious great gaming opportunity) or you can atleast conform to playing consoles to experience it, it's your choice. At the end of the day you don't own LA and thus LA will do as they see fit with their license, period.

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Well) The control refitting would be quite minimal really. Since the Input button is configurable (I sure hope so). And the tutorial... well, its remapping of a few text.


Its like looking into the files of ps2/whatever tutorial on your PC. The files are there, just that they are not shown, with dialogue changes.


As for graphics. Yes I can see the problem here for a bit. Since console for some reason does not usually give you the liberty of changing graphics quality. Well, mostly not, I have seen a few games that is friendly enough allowing turning on/off of cool effects, so I can shut off some of them when I get really tired of it, usually those uber heatwave effects and annoying screen-shakes from fps types.

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If they wanted PC gamers to buy it they would have to make a lot more settings, like medium and low quality models, textures, effects, terrain etc. to make it more accessible. That takes a lot of time, they almost have to redo the whole game again.

It wouldn't be hard really, just time consuming. They go for the profit$.


I have an Xbox360 and will probably get it for the story but I don't really have high hopes otherwise. No console game has delivered such fun experiences as my PC has so far.

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No console game has delivered such fun experiences as my PC has so far.
Well perhaps the best games ever crafted are PC games and some of the best console games out there are just ports of their PC counterparts so PC games do definately have a major stance in the game industry (i tend to play both console & PC however, get the best of both worlds ;) )
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Super Smash Brothers, Original Mario Brothers, pong, Bio Hazard, Monster Hunters, KoF/StreetFighter Series, most decent shoot'em'ups etc


What PC Ports?


I mean, Both PC and console have some really darn nice games, in different ways. I would love to see nice PC port of TFU, partly cause I like semi fps control to be Keyboard and Mouse And BECAUSE OF MODS!!! :)

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Interesting. IMO this is likely a goof by Amazon UK. Notice they still have the game's release date as November 30, 2007. It's been known for at least 3 months that the game was pushed out to Spring 2008. The Force Unleashed for PC sure would be nice to have though...

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While I haven't played EaW, I have played Battlegrounds and loved it. It's not at all shabby, IMO.


Its shabbiness lies in the fact that it is nothing more than a Star Wars flavoured AoE2 rip-off. I mean, I've never seen a game rip-off another as much as Battlegrounds.

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I'm upgrading my PC hardware for Crysis near its release date, and I think that a lot of people will do the same. So I guess that the hardware requirements wouldn't be a hurdle for me if a PC-version of TFU became available.


Also, if you look a few years back, people upgraded for HL2 and Doom3 (including me). So get the ******* game on the PC market ;)

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Gargoyle_King and stoffe are right, there minimum specs required to run the game would be too great for the average PC user. (I remember hearing one of the developers say that.)


Personally, I would love to play it on the PC. I hope they reconsider.


It probably wouldn't be cost-efficient for LA to do so anyway - people would need a very high-end spec computer to probs even run the game; a high-end spec comp that generally people can't afford or are unwilling to afford.



From the posts I have read it seams to me many people don't realize how powerful a mid-range PC is today. And by mid-range I'm talking about a PC that you could get today for about $600


As a side note I have considered buying a console before. There are quite a few console exclusive games I'm looking forward to see when they're out (Killzone 2 trailer caught may attention indeed)


So with that let me state a few things, that may interest people thay may want to make a good discussion in that we all can leave a bit more clarified in terms of what a reasonable priced PC and a console can do, and reply in this thread with whatever thoughts they may have..


First of. Today you can get a Core 2 Duo E6320 with 1GB of ram and a Geforce 8500 for as low as $670





First of. Just so you know the RECOMMENDED PC requirements for a game such as Gears of War are expected to be on par with the requirements for Unreal Tournament 3


Gears of War is regarded as being one of the games that push the X360 power. so just as a compare to what are the requirements needed on a PC for that level of detail (and take into count that the PC version will have improved textures, DX10 support and so on)




CPU: 3-4Ghz

RAM: 1024MB

Graphics: NVIDIA 6800GT/Ultra or 7800GT/GTX SLI


AND just so you know they are referring to SINGLE CORE hardware.


Another good example Oblivion. both on the PS3 and X360


Just so you guys know in the X360 and PS3 Oblivion runs at 720p.

Or 1280x720



Now for instance what can we do in a PC?

Just check the link bellow...

this article is from April 2006. back then a high end hardware was something like


AMD Athlon 64 FX-57

ATI Radeon X1800


One could in a resolution of 1280x1024 run a game with this hardware at a higher resolution with no frame rate problems.

And this is with hardware from 2006


Now with this $600 hardware you can run Oblivion with the latest updates that gets on par if not better than the PS3 version at about 90 fps



as an example


The Core 2 Duo E6300 is running the game at 1600x1200 AT 50 FPS

an even higher resolution


This is a one game example.


You can do a search on the web and you'll see that almost every console game ported to the PC comes with better graphics AND today you can get a better experience than on the consoles for a reasonable price.



Then just the above facts mean that a pretty normal PC today can handle xbox 360 games without any problems.


IF Star Force Unleashed is coming out for the Xbox 360 there is NO reason why a mid-range PC couldn't handle it


The fact is. There are big companies that make deals with the devs to hype they're consoles.

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Well, other than posaable interventions of lowlife like $ony, I have to say that it would be much easier to release the game for a fre consoles first. The testing and such will be easier, since all consoles of the same type would have almost identical specs.


So if anything the game being released on console first would be a reasonable choice, PC version (if any) would be done later, possably with time allowing for some tweaks, and competability problem that may arise for the pc.


We all know that if the pc version is released first instead we would most probably not buy the console version once we get the pc one, but the reverse may not be true. I would still buy the pc version if it is released later(assuming the game is good), if anything... mods.... hmmm


Obviously, we would hope to see the game released in pc, we KNOW it will work, I mean if the game is ok for something called PS2, which is nothing close to nex-gen whatsoever, then tweaking it for PC should be easy. Hack, there might be workable emulators (by the time) that will run the game if it is not released as a pc version.


Point, please release a PC version, cause we know any semi-decent gamer's pc is going better than a PS2.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see a PC version in a year or so after the console release. Their comment on the PC not being up to it is really, really odd. Multiple cores in all the current generation CPUs, single graphic cards that can run Oblivion with all the trimmings @ 1280 x 1024, and both ATi and Nvidia rapidly changing their cards into GPGPUs to add some serious physics processing.


However maybe another year would help the average...


Since I don't own a XBox 360 or a PS3 I doubt very much I'll get this game unless it does come out on the PC and frankly there just isn't enough on either console that interests me or isn't coming out on the PC anyway to make me buy one...

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It seems to me that this isn't about that the PC cant handle it. I believe it can. This is about money. Example: Halo 2

Yes not the same company but remember what Windows did. They released it for X-box first. Do you know why? Money. As we all know Halo IS and ALWAYS WILL be a PC GAME.

And yet they did what they did because of marketing.

Halo: Combat Evolved was such a good game I wanted a sequel, very badly. Many magazines saed Halo:CE was much better on PC then on consoles. The game was so good that a world mass hysteria erupted when a sequel was announced. On X-box. So a mass of people bought X-box because of Halo 2. I didn't because I knew they will release a PC version in a year or so.

And so I waited. And waited. Until it came playable ONLY ON WINDOWS VISTA!!!!

And so I had to wait for Vista now. And you know what? VISTA SUX! 10X!

And now i have to w8 for a better Vista.

In the meantime I have to fight against the urge to find out what happens in the end. (DON'T YOU DARE MAKE A SPOILER TAG!)

I am assuming the same thing will happen to TFU, that it will be playable on PCs in a year or so, and then they will do something nasty witch I cant say on Internet.

I sure hope this does not happen.

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There is no good reason this title can't be released on PC except to make Lucasarts more money through exclusivity deals with M$ and Sony.


It's quite possible a PC version will be released 12 months or so after the consle version.


It'll probably be labelled as a "Special Edition" and feature of bunch of minor stuff not in the console release...

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