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What force powers are you looking forward to?

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Zapping people with Force Lightning is pretty sweet but I really don't have too much of a preference. Im glad they have the ones we are going to see and I REALLY like the idea that you can combine the powers to do all sorts of stuff. I am however holding out hope that, while you can use Force Grip, in the game that it also allows you to chokehold your enemies ala Darth Vader. I mean that's evil! :evil3::thmbup1:


Hmmm... I think little by little we are letting our Munchkin Side of The Force Creeps Out.


:yodac: Im geussing it's a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unaturally cutesy. *shudders* :rolleye1: The Horror....

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That would probably make the game rated M.


You just need to show the body of your target wiggling unnaturally defying healthy joint movements, then maybe a bit of bloow from the mouth, then drop dead on the floor like a puppet/ragdoll.


BTW, Force Crush is basically WinRAR with the force, without the ability to unrar. It kinda compresses your target. Not sue how far you can compress it, but pressing a humanoid into the size of a slightly bigger basketball would look spiffy. You may even be able to slam dunk it into your next taget for extra Cool Points.

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I want to see some of my favorite powers from KOTOR, like Force wave and storm. (In one of the clips it looked like wave is in the game.) The lightening still looks kind of weak as compared to the other games in my opinion.

Not in JA, it looked way better in JO, for sure...

The lightning kinda reminds me of what it looked like when I was using it with Kyle in JO to whoop some booty, so I like

I wouldn't say the lightning looks weak. The game focuses around four main powers - Force push, grip, repulse and lightning. I think they all looked pretty badass in the previs.

I mean the amount of lightning isn't a lot compared to the other games, which usually have literal storms coming from the player's hands. I would like to see it look a bit thicker.

What? The lightning looks real to me in JK.

How does the lightning look weak? Especially combined with other powers, like the described power combo where you can lift enemies off the ground, blast them with lightning, and smash them through the ground. Not to mention how much more realistic the lightning looks in this game compared to others, like Jedi Knight.


Actually, I'm pretty sure they mucked up the lightning in every single game. I can't remember a single occasion where the lightning didn't look phony, or didn't behave/move wrong, or didn't make it obvious that the creators had never looked at the lightning in the movies to compare so they get it right. All they did was look at the power's name and think "Ok! It shoots lightning!" and make some wacked out effect, like the nonsense from JK2 and JKA where the lightning just instantly appears at its destination rather than traveling there, or absoloute failure in the sounds department in Empire at War, where they just used standard electricity sounds.


Force crush. Instead of just lifting them up, actually crush their bones into their organs.

That would probably make the game rated M.

Yeah, God forbid we have actual violence of note in a Star Wars game rather than all this pansy cleché heroism bull****.

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I'm actually surprised that no one has thought of this.

Say, by chance, that stealth was necissary.

Wouldn't it be much more silent so simply....oh I dunno...

Use the force to sever the victims spinal chord?

I'm just saying. It may not be as satisfying as crushing or shocking them to death, but it would be easier and more quiet.

Speaking of easy, one Jedi, using said technique, could theoretically wipe out an entire army. Same concept for droids, just a little more technical


[Edit] Now that i think about it, Force Grip could be used to do this

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