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What will be the big twist/secret?

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PoiuyWired wrote:

I have thought of the Jacen Flow-Walk idea actually when someone first mentioned time travel. But really, dude does not look like a jacen.


The Revan case is quite unlikely. Though it would be cool to see a frozen Revan coming back to life. For one, Revan would probably escape quite easily...


Well, it would be interesting if dude is a Midiclorian Induced Lifeform... It would be nice if it is anything close to this.


Dash Randar is most probably not force sensative, and prefers waxing his lightsaber on androids anyways.


It was sarcasm on my part, sorry :)

I was just pointing out by my examples that the way the EU goes isn't my thing. I really don't like the Flow Walk stuff. And I don't like the way they screwed up some characters as well. Come on...at the current book series, Luke is 59 years old, Han Solo even 69! It's slowly shattering my vision of Star Wars. I mean...I always asociated Star Wars with young people traveling around, living all sorts of adventures.

The Jedi Knight and Kotor games handled the EU very well, imo. Jedi Knight was placed not to lang after the movies, and by adding movie-character cameo's, the 'adventure' feel is relived.


I hope TFU will do the same thing for me. I certainly hope so, and the signs are positive. We got a love interest, two camps (Khota Lights Side and Darth Vader Dark side) fighting over the boy, a droid for comical relief, and rich environnements to walk through.

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Twist Idea: Luke comes in in a wheelchair and with all sorts of life-supporting mechanics, breathing like his dad (Kooooohhhaaaaaaaaa), because he used time travel!


Dude that idea is worse than the idea of a Zombie Padme, ex-special-op turned cyborg with katanas, people living in the anus of giant space crab-ships or post-op transexual Ventress.

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To all those who say the Apprentice is Revan/Jacen/Anakin's Brother/Palpatine's son/A clone trooper's son/ect: Where the heck do you get these ridiculous ideas? I don't mean to be rude, but they sound inane, even for Lucasarts.


Maybe The Apprentice has something to do w/ the formation of the Alliance (if it's a LS ending)? I can't think of anything else that would be so important that we've never heard of before...

I doubt he'll have anything to do with the Rebellion. There's enough backstory on that anyhow.


Okay, seriously? Juno Eclipse is meant to be vital to the storyline right? She's meant to be something of a moral compass right? Maybe given the tone of the game the apprentice kills her in the most horrible way to show that Sith are not cool, but outright ****s.

What makes you think Juno is going to be the moral compass? She's in the fricking Empire. The Empire which discriminates against non-humans, rules mercilessly with an iron fist, and razes entire planets because they might have Rebels on them. If Juno is a moral compass, I'm gonna be pissed. I'm sick of all the pansy good guys mucking stuff up.


I personally think it would be a great ending to have the Apprentice killed by Jerec. Reasons?


1. The Apprentice doesn't have some grand legacy. He doesn't deserve one. He's just some punk who ran around and did dirty work for Darth Vader.


2. Adds on to the list of things that Jerec accomplished. Jerec is a cool villian, and he should be in the EU more.


3. No live-happily-ever-after ending. For as many characters as there are who do that, there's always far more who die.


4. Clean cut. No room for any EU that takes place after the game to mess up his character. He gets to run around, blow **** up, and dies a cool death at the hands of a cool villian.


5. Avoids stupid endings, like where he escapes, redeems himself, and screws stuff up for the Empire, or kills Palpatine and then Vader and takes over.

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Right. When stories, movies and games would be done according to the way your suggest, they would be documentaries :)


If every Imperial Agent would be an a**, there would be no Han Solo, traitors or any other things. If all Rebels were heroes, no Bothans had to die for the plans and no sarcrifices had to be made.

According to the movies, Luke was about to join the Imperial Academy. And I don't think Luke is an a**hole :xp:


Maybe Juno was forced to do this? Maybe she hates the Empire?

Maybe the secret apprentice was forced to do this as well? A comon feeling between the two?


Anyways, Juno could still be a moral compass like Kreai was. She was dark sided as hell, but still....

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Well, joining the empire dones not equal evil. For starters there are some that thinks the empire is still better off than the corrupted so-called old republic. And yet many more are just honest folks getting a job.


The worst thing that can happen to the plot is juno being a rebel spy or something like that. I mean, that is down right cliche.


Personally I think what we need is more evil Alliance a-holes. I mean, there are way too many whitewash on the alliance side, esp during the Imperial era.

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Personally I think what we need is more evil Alliance a-holes. I mean, there are way too many whitewash on the alliance side, esp during the Imperial era.

I'm pretty sure that if there's anything that the Rebels require to be on their members' resume, it's signs of whitewashiness. It's just how they do stuff.

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Well, we KNOW that some of the members working for the alliance are not the typical goody two shoes. They are just not featured in stories. We know how many bothans are quite two-heanded, and that the smugglers and what not deals with all sorts of shady stuff on both sides and so and so. We also know that while quite reluctant the alliance would enlist problemetic people to work with them, as lone as their effectiveness outweights their nastiness in things, seeing that they are low on supplies of everykind and troops and what not.


Its just we don't see them alliance a-holes type featured in the stories. But hy we get to see the nice imperial guys, why not the bad alliances.

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Possible plot twists:



Juno Eclipse gets turned off by the Apprentice and chases TK-151 instead.



The Apprentice gets fired (oh wait, wrong universe, scratch that)



The Apprentice gets noticed by Palpatine who uses him against Vader (Gotcha, sucka!)



The Apprentice falls to the dark side because an athlete got injured, and the injury ruined the Apprentice's fantasy season.



The Apprentice gets killed when the Rogue Shadow is destroyed by the Millenium Falcon.



Juno gets credit for everything in the game, and the Eclipse-class Star Destroyers are named in her honor as a result.

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