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The REAL "Darth Who?" Contest (Spoiler Alert!)


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So Jacen Solo's coined his new Sith name: Darth Caedus. I still don't know whether to pronounce it KAY-dus or KIE-dus (the first syllable rhyming with "die") or even something more odd like kie-AY-dus or kie-EE-dus. Anyway...


Now that THAT particular contest is all over, I'd like to do one for our Lucas Forums regulars! That's right, folks. Even if the poster above you is one of our LucasForums Sith, I'd like for each poster to think of a Sith name and Sith appearance for that person, including Dark Side garb, weapon, and motto. Since I'm the very first poster, I'll choose someone whom I know is definitely NOT one of our LF Sith--Jae Onasi!


Jae Onasi's Sith Name: Darth Lexis (that's LexIS, from the Latin for "law")


Profile: Darth Lexis, like Jae, treasures law, stability and order in the galaxy. Order brings peace, and the chaos inherent in turf wars and infighting is one kind she means to stop. Her life's path is the way of justice (even if Sith!)


Sith Garb: Dark Lady Lexis wears no cape, robe, or helmet, but rather a long, gently flowing gown made out of heavy ebony gauze to give her the most freedom of movement in battle. The sleeves are long and very slightly belled, rather like those on Renaissance ladies' gowns. Her belt is very high at the waist, a delicate gold and beskar alloy chain, and from it hangs a small replica of the scales of justice. Her headdress is a cross between Lumiya's triangular one and Atris's when Atris took on the role of Traya, but Lexis looks nothing like a queen on a deck of cards as Atris did. Unlike Lumiya, Lexis' face is not veiled, but exposed in all of its beautiful dark glory. Lexis' eyes are black, like two pieces of glittering coal that are about to turn into diamonds.


Weapon: A simple yet elegant single-bladed red lightsaber, crystal-fortified.


Sith Motto: "Law brings peace and justice, and I shall give that law."


(I hope I did Jae justice *pun intended!* Let's see what the rest of us Sith look like! Your turn, Moderator Lexis--er, Onasi. What am I as a Sith? :))

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Name: Darth Absum (Latin for to be absent, be away, be missing)


Profile: He's an Ithorian, the first force-sensitive one of his species in a long, long time. He was abducted at a young age, when a Sith Lord saw his promising power.

He was very talented, and he killed his master after only 7 years of training. He then went back to Ithor, to search for family. But when he saw they lived on without him, he slew them using Force Fury, his main power.

He currently drifts through space, waging terror where he can, slowly becoming fully insane.



A black tunic, with brown leather bands wrapped around his arms, and a red poncho over his tunic.



A red longsaber, with some upgrades to make his Djem-So fighting styl even more powerfull.



"Pitty only for the ones who live without the Force"


(Some random image to show that an Ithorian is)


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