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Old to the gender, new to the game

Nasman X

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Hello everybody, this will be my first post on this forum and, honestly, i don't know what else to do xD

I've played FPS almost all my life, starting at about 8 years or so with a Shareware of Doom and moving up to Quake 3. I have to say all the FPS i've played so far are more of the "quake style" than a realistic style (except for some titles, like Deus Ex and Return to the Castle of Wolfestein).


Now, i install this game and it totally blows my head up. The inmersion factor is incredible and the idea is very cool. But, there is always a problem.

I haven't played battlefield or other kind of stuff like this in my life, and i find very frustating a "random factor" on the match result (diferences between loosing for 40 and for 120 when doing the same things...)

However, my brother (who played some battlefield before) isn't really having any trouble, so i suposse its me. I have to be doing something wrong.


I'm playing the Clone War campaing, on hard, using the v1.0 of the game, playing on Genoisis, I find it absolutly imposible to win this level :p. I have read other posts, suggesting very good and proven tactics, however, my clones keep messing up. For example, I conquer the two bunkers, dont loose the derilect nor the comand post, only the spire to take. I try to storm it, but for the time i take it, i see on the map how some of the previews comand post have already been wipe out (not the say the huge trouble it is to take a comand post shouting "FOLLOW ME!" and looking everyone go do something else...).

Another thing is that (even on the instant action mode) the republic seems to get really owned on this map, loosing way too many troops.


So, basically, this is my problem:

If i focus on killing people, i have around 30 kills and 4 or 5 deaths, but the clones just-dont-take-any comand point.

If i focus on taking points, i still have more kills that deaths (on a lower scale) but the bots just-dont-kill-any-freaking-thing......

If i focus on destroying the Techno Union ****s using the aircrafts, tanks, or whatever comes handy......the first two options apply (god...seems like massive hara-kiri)


I found out similar problems on the first levels, however there was always an strategic factor that i was missing (like on the Theed level, on naboo, taking the tank and going through the flanks).


My final conclusion is that, obviously, i'm doing something wrong. Either i don't know how to control bots, or i'm not killing enougth things (even thougth this one seems odd, considering the time i took a tank and killed like 52 droids (thats 1/5 of the army for just one man, ladyes!) and....still....the clones....sucked....)


Can, anybody.....pleaseeee, help me? Some tips about game mechanics would be great...


[i forgot: sorry for the bad english...]

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