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GFX Card compatible with Vista and Spiderman3


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my cuzin just got a new PC, a Dell Dimension E521

He needs a graphics card that is compatible with Windows Vista and

Spider-Man 3. Any ideas?

His PC has AMD 64 X2 3600 and 1GB RAM and an available PCI-Express slot.

Please help, thank you! :D

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Aawww. You know, there's no true love. Just fervent sexual longing. *grabs jmac, holds him tight in a manly way and strokes his golden curly hair* And it's sooo much better...


quit the clownin'...this isnt the swamp/ahto ;)


8600 for a good budget card....absolutely.


I prefer XFX cards, but theyre always a bit more expensive.. :(


Heres one... $145 for the XFX aint too bad:


Ebay Linky


Dont forget, XFX are one of the rare hardware manufacturers that offer a LIFETIME warranty ! Which says a heck of alot about their Quality Assurance/Control...


please do *not* get a 7300 - they are a caching card....and in Vista work even worse... (vista drivers arent handling 7 series GPU caching as well as xp drivers, of course)



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