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Things that MUST be in KOTOR 3 imo.


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As far as adding things to the game... I say update the graphics of the game, add a little more detail to the models as an option, and keep the gameplay and dialog system and continue on. Why fix something that isn't broken?


The graphics are most certainly going to improve on some level, if not amazingly, given the generation leap that just took place. Dialog is fine; the only thing I would change about 'gameplay' would be to change equipment so that everything you have on affects the way you look. Making seperate equipment slots for tunics and robes (or armor underlay and overlay) would be nice, but I don't see it happening.


Customizable lightsaber hilts please!


And this isn't necessarily a must, but I wouldn't mind seeing the combat animations going for a little bit longer so that there would never be a pause in the fighting.

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What you suggest would be such a blatant rip off of Grievous it would not even be funny- and Grievous was not a good idea to begin with.


I personally would like to see Canderous, HK-47, and T3-M4 return. Of course, Revan too, but that seems implied.


Actually, I have studied Grievous a lot these past few weeks. He was an exciting character before he became known as Grievous. He was even married and had children. His tale is an exciting one and I do it no justice, byut what I am suggesting, is only like grievous in the fact that thye were an organic meatbag turned droid to prevent total death. While yes, Grievous was kept alive by Dooku sending force lightinging into his body to keep him from going into cardiac arrest, and yes they used Master Sifo-Dyas' blood in a transfusion for grievous, and yes he did not become Force Sensitive because of that, but overall, he became a terror that was able to hold his own against thousands((hundreds of jedi)), but I am going way OT here so let me just simply say, I want to see a Force Sensitive, Lightsaber wielding droid.

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Actually, now that I have reviewed some of the content that MASS EFFECT is going to have, I think the dialog system could do a boosting, with more facial expressions, and some new attack patterns will be good too.

Not as important as the plot, but I agree with this. I get tired of seeing those same animations all the time - The "I'm mad" animation where someone pumps their fist at you, or the "I'm scared" animation where the person grabs their head and bobs up and down, or the same death animation over and over again. A little variety would be nice.

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You are saying that sales of the game mean people like the dice combat in the game, you're placing value on that.


And what would be the problem with that?


No offense, but your arguments totally suck.

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Actually, for K3, I'm not going to make any demands about gameplay and all, since all of them have already been stated here. I want more focus on the Merchants of the game. The buy/sell system was a bit not-normal, IMO. I mean that Revan bought items with a fixed price with no questions asked, and there was no way to sell any item for even a 5 credit profit. What I want to see is a buy/sell system where you can actually barter over the price and be able to say fake stuff about items you're selling just to get a profit. Bartering and profits may not exactly be on the agenda of a Jedi, but hey, its fun, and it'll make buying/selling stuff more fun.


Why yes, actually, it was. At least it was original, unlike KotOR which was a carbon copy of Ep. 4-6. :)

Just out of curiosity, how exactly are they similar? There aren't any father-son relations in KotOR, for one.

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Just out of curiosity, how exactly are they similar? There aren't any father-son relations in KotOR, for one.


It isn't exactly a "carbon copy", but there are several similarities.


The Death Star was a powerful moon having immense power that symbolized the Empire's power. Same goes for the Star Forge, which was the source of the Sith power.


Darth Vader was a cyborg villain, apprenticed to a more powerful Sith Lord. Malak had an implant too, and was formerly apprenticed to Revan.


Revan, at start didn't know he would become a hero (he didn't even know who he truly was). Luke didn't know he would become a hero, neither did he know who he truly was.


Like Vader had a connection to Luke, Malak had a connection to Revan.


There are several more similarities. :)

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Yeah, Jolee's got a beard similar to Obi-Wans too... what a rip off!!


DEV: Remember those film's from a galaxy far away that we all love?




DEV: Remember how they had recurring motif's, the ole good versus Evil stuff, Stories and characters akin to 1930's matinée sci-fi?


ME: Yeah...


DEV: Well there's non of that, but where still calling it star wars, come and buy it!!



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where in that post would you detect I don't Know that KOTOR vaguely resembles the OT?

In fact, that's one of the reason's I love K1 so much more than TSL.


EDIT: That previous post was my sarcastic attempt at humor, it would be my reaction at a third game that steered ever further from the reason I like KOTOR.

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This is ridiculous. The similarities are vague at best. Let's take a look at the cast.


You have:


Revan: Luke Skywalker.


Carth: Han Solo and Wedge Antilles


Bastila: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leia.


Zaalbar: Chewbacca


T3-M4: R2-D2


HK-47: C-3PO


Canderous: Uh...Lando? Maybe Boba Fett?


Mission Vao: I guess she's more of Han Solo, maybe with a little Leia mixed in.


Jolee Bindo: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.


Malak: Vader and the Emperor


Saul Karath: Admiral Piett


Darth Bandon: Vader again?


Calo Nord: The Bounty Hunters aboard the Executor, Boba Fett in particular.


Davik Kang: Jabba?


I think that's all the significant characters.


I really shouldn't have to explain everything wrong with these analogs. One, Luke Skywalker isn't a Sith Lord with his mind wiped being manipulated by the Jedi into locating the Death Star. Carth's analog is actually somewhat accurate. Bastila is a young woman, not an elderly gentleman, she's not a princess of anywhere, she doesn't die, she's not a politician, and she's attracted to Revan, not Carth. Zaalbar kind of fits. Mission kind of fits. T3 fits. But C-3PO is nothing like HK. He's not psychotic, he's prissy, and is terrified of fighting, whereas HK relishes it. Their roles in the plot are completely different, 3PO basically serves as a translator and plot device, HK just shoots people for fun.


Canderous' analogs were the closest I could get. I won't even bother explaining what's wrong with those unless you really want me to. The rest fit into their analogs alright.


Then there's the plot.


Okay, opening.


Luke wakes up onboard the Tantive IV. They're under attack! Biggs runs in and tells him to get his equipment, they have to find Leia and Obi-Wan! They leave their quarters with stormtroopers swarming all over the corvette and make for the bridge. After fighting through several stormtroopers, they come into the bridge, which is already empty. They make their way out of the bridge again until they're attacked by Darth Vader. Biggs tells Luke that he'll hold him off and to make for the escape pods. Luke is then contacted by Wedge and Han who are holding the last escape pod. They guide him through the rest of the Tantive IV until they reach the escape pods, then they blow the pods and drop into Mos Eisley, whereupon Luke is rendered unconscious and Wedge and Han drag him to an abandoned apartment complex.


They're really not very similar.

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