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Defenders of Peace: Jedi Content, FRS, and Master/Padawan System all in one!

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Greetings fellow Jedi! I am Everitt Cage, here to tell you about the light Jedi RP guild Defenders of Peace on the Chilastra server. While DoP is an RP guild, this is not required at all times, though it's members are certainly free to do so if they wish. DoP's mission is "Keeping the Peace", which has two main aspects:


1) Helping those in Need:




This is an RP mission system described in this thread.


2) Battling the (Sith)Empire:




This involves dealing with any agents the Sith(Vader and Sidious) have recruited to help them maintain their rule. Members are free to do this in whichever form they prefer, be it PvE or PvP.


Neither of the 2 above aspects are given precidence over the other, and members are free to engage in whichever they like the best the most, or both at the same time(by being combatant or special forces while doing the first).


DoP has its own city on the planet Rori(also named Defenders of Peace), which is home to DoP's Temple(city hall) and Training Center(guild hall). The Temple is used for meeting(with seats arranged by rank in the main hall) and study(with two libraries on either side of the main hall). The Training Center is used for lightsaber crafting(crafting area located in the hallway behind the main room when you enter the guildhall) and combat training(for which we use the guild hall's roof).


DoP has also recently formed its own Pilot Squadren to extend our mission of "Keeping the Peace" into space, as well as to help members who are new to the pilot profession with any missions they cannot complete alone.




The 2nd floor of the Training Center is the HQ of DoP's Pilot Squad, containing rec rooms, starship crafting rooms, and a main briefing room.


As part of it's RP, DoP also has its own ranking system:




Rank I: Initiate


Rank II: Padawan


Rank III: Knight


Rank IV: Master


The DoP ranking system works in the following way:


1) Immediately upon joining DoP a player is granted the 1st rank, Initiate.


2) Upon reaching CL 38(or if they are already CL 38) a player qualifies to take the Padawan Trials. After completing the trials the player is granted the 2nd rank, Padawan.


3) Upon reaching CL 90(or if they are already CL 90) a player qualifies to take the Knight Trials. After completing the trials the player is granted the 3rd rank, Knight.


4) To become a Master a player must train a Padawan of their own to CL 90, and their Padawan must complete the Knight Trials.




Each player is free to choose their own Padawan, though the Padawan must be below CL 50. Once their Padawan completes the Knight Trials, the player is granted the 4th rank, Master.


Both the Padawan and Knight trial systems are fully functional and have been completed by numerous players(who all said they enjoyed them), though I will not go into what they involve for the sake of keeping them unique to DoP. I ask that any Jedi who join DoP at CL 90 still complete the trials so that they are familiar enough with them to be able to give any needed advice or assistance in the futured to lower level members doing the trials. However, after completing the trials they are automaticly advanced to rank III, Knight, as the ranking system explains. Ranks are granted by means of the guild title system(found in the guild terminal), and anyone can see a list of all members as well as their current rank at any time using the /guildshow command.


DoP truly is a guild, Jedi content system, FRS, and Master/Padawan system all rolled into one. If these are the things you are looking for and you are thinking of creating a new Jedi(or transferring the one you have to a new server), look no further than Defenders of Peace. Chilastra's server population is usualy "medium" according to the character creation screen, and the amount of players in game supports this. If you are interested in joining Defenders of Peace, contact me(Everitt) in game and I will make arrangements to meet with you as soon as possible. May the Force be With You!




PS: For additional info on the guild, check out the FAQ on the DoP Forums.

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