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Favorite character in kotor


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What is your favorite party member in KOTOR?

K1:Jolee Bindo. He's not an important party member but he has all these fun stories and he's "half senile" ^^

TSL: Kreia. She just knows it all. Her teachings are perfect. She is not as ignorant as the sith and not as hiding and stupid as a jedi. Her best quote is probably when she talked about the jedi and that they wait for the echoes to reach them instead of investigating the situation.

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WHAT?!?!?! ..... KREIA?!?!?!?! .... MAN ARE YOU OK??,,, she is witch!

Yea, I'm ok. I think these two quotes sum up why I like Kreia so much -


"She actually made the dark side interesting, better than that whole good vs. evil thing that they've got going in most of the Star Wars universe. Also nice to have a slightly nihilistic baddie."


Because she's a cryptic, condescending, partonizing and ugly old witch who can be sympathized somewhat for her goals. She is someone who is morally complex, and someone who you can hate. She is, in other words, a very good villian.


We just love to hate her. :D

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well for kotor1 it's Canderous,Jolee,Hk and Bastila the reason os Canderous is a though fighter and then i couldn't stop laughin when he reply to lashowe.Lashowe:do you know many sith there are here

Canderous:not enough to save your sorry self.

and Jolee i always like because he think the lightside and darkside is annoying HK becasue he is a good fighter and a funny robot and bastila for her looks and that you can fall in love with her if you are a male


for Tsl it's Mandalore,Atton,HK,Mira;and Bao the reason for this Mandalore is a though fighter sometimes funny and he has the coolest armor ever the coolest robes ever are Revan's and Atton cause i like him he's like a little bit han solo to me and other i never liked disciple i think he is so nerdy and for some reason i like to se Mira and Atton in love well Mira is hot so anyway HK is still a though fighter and a funny one and Bao i started to like last time i played the game when i got to telos academy when tells you something like this I am sorry general and then something after that can't remember i just laughed at it cause he sounded so funny

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KOTOR 1 : Canderous Ordo, Jolee Bindo, Bastila Shan, and HK 47.Carth was pretty cool but I thought he was a little misguided and confused about what he was doing.


KOTOR 2 : Kreia for her manipulitive things that you would have never guessed the first play through, then you just hate her.HK 47 again. Canderous was not as good as he was in KOTOR 1, but still fun to play as. Hanharr was fun as a DS.

Atton was possibly the best character for he is skills and dialog even though it was hard to get influence with him.Visas and the Handmaiden were okay but nothing special.

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There all awesome, although I try not to talk to juhani she does my head in a bit, Canderous' Taris stuff is amazing, Jolee is funny as hell, the Droids are irreplaceable, Bastila thinks she knows it all but she's OK, I don't really use Mission and Zaalbar as much as I should, Carth is Paranoid. Some of the NPC's are cool to.

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KotOR - Canderous. Gotta love the attitude. I talked to them 2342309482309482 times to hear his "Yeah, what do you want?" line everytime. Fantastic voice acting throughout the game.


Jolee and HK were hilarious. Canderous and Jolee had some very nice lines on Korriban.


TSL - Atton. He just won't stay dead. His survival skills come especially handy on Goto's yacht.


For some reason Jolee seems wiser than Kreia to me. Kreia gets all too excited about the galaxy and the Force, while Jolee is calm and indifferent all the time, making you feel like everything's okay and you're gonna pull through no matter what. He has this "been there, done it all" feel about him.


Says that years have taken their toll, but Mandalore is still as tough. I like him with a Mandalorian Heavy Repeater. Reminds me of the old days.

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My LEAST Favorite characters...




1. Juhani... She is just..!! Why can't she shut up! I hated her,

I killed her! And how can she look so ugly... ?


2. Zaakbar... Pointless... Boring... Stupid...


X. Others were pretty good...




1... Everyone exept Kreia... Boring... Flat... Stupid...


X. Kreia... Was propably my favourite in Kotor2... Even

though I hated her... She was pretty good villain...

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