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Looking for perl modules

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Since i was bord one day (revising for an exam... :lol: ) I decided i would learn Perl to pass the time i was supposed to be revising in. And i was looking through the source code of a tool, cant remember which, to see what modules i had to include to make a modding utility, and...

Could some one please tell me where i can get the Bioware Perl Modules, please?

Thanks! :D


If there isn't any Modules then can someone please explain the line

use Bioware::GFF;

Thanks. :lol:



Mod note: Split post into its own thread since this doesn't really belong in the tool request thread. ~M

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*raises hand* I recognize that. :p


I wrote those Bioware:: modules. I'm not proud of some of them, but they provide enough functionality to keep my code afloat. I should truly try to clean them up and kill some of old dead code. The GFF module is the dirtiest of them all. :o KSE notoriously uses deprecated module functions which one of the main reasons I haven't re-released a new version of that app. I painted myself into the corner with that one.


Anyway, if you're truly interested in these modules you can download them here.


It is my intent to someday make a "public" release of these modules on the starwarsknights.com website when I feel the interface is clean enough.

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