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Need Help Picking a Profession


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I'm thinking about playing Star Wars Galaxies a few hours a week just to blow off some steam. A casual player, if you will.


I'm not really interested in playing a full combat character; plenty of other games to do that with. I'm looking into more quests than combat. Something like a shipwright would be an obvious choice but I don't want to be absent from combat entirely. I'd pick shipwright if I can also be another combat profession.


I pretty much have it narrowed down to spy, medic, and smuggler. I really would like to be a smuggler but from what I've heard, the profession is lacking; not many quests for it. I also heard that there is no spice in the game which makes it seem pointless. What do you all think about smuggling?


Spy actually sounds like a good, compromise profession. Are there plenty of quests in the game that will allow me to just be a spy and not run around killing everyone? Also, is it good for PvE?


How does Medic compare to spy? I'm thinking about this one as well.


Are the quests between the three totally different? I'd imagine smuggler is but what about spy and medic? I mean, do medics have their own quests?


Also, if I choose to be a spy or a medic will it be hard for me to eventually get my own ship, like a YT-1300?


Thanks for the help!

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Those are some good choices.....


I have played as Spy, and it is VERY fun, respec'd a while back before they got their expertise, and had so much fun in the pvp zones, it's probably more fun now (respec'd back to bounty hunter cause i missed hunting people and the npc bounties drop good loot) You'll have fun being invisible and striking the enemy when they least expect it. You can be a spy for your guild or group and go ahead of everybody into pvp zone and report enemy numbers, etc. Not really any 'missions' for it though


Smuggler...now smuggler is an ok profession, my alt is actually a smuggler. However the main thing that sucks about it, is you cannot smuggle for PLAYERS which kinda makes the smuggling system they put in pretty damn boring. Their best ability IMO is Insider Information, where you can show people if they have a bounty hunter tracking them, and if they have a bounty on their head...


Medic: Very good profession for PVP and groups. everybody loves a medic. You can focus on buffing and healing players or attacking players. I have not played this profession, but my friend Aota is one, the buffs the medics give last a good 30 minutes. :D


spy and medic do not have any quests. aside from a few starting quests that are most-likely incomplete.

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Thanks for the help! Spy does sound like a good profession. However, I do want some profession-related quests. Medic also sounds like an awesome combat profession but I really don't want to focus on just combat.


I really want to be a smuggler, but you're right, from what you said it does sound boring.


What about bounty hunter? Is it the best of both worlds as far as quests and combat? The only reason I haven't considered it before is because I figured most of the BHs were running around in Mandalorian armor, which wouldn't interest me.


As a bounty hunter how long did it take you to get your first ship and what was it?

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Bounty Hunting is alot of fun. My first ship? umm it took a while to get the certification for one of the ones I wanted...i have a TIE Interceptor named 'Broken Chain' :) Took me a few months of doing pilot missions to get the certification for it (laziness lol)


umm however as a bounty hunter, you might find it strange that you will not be able to take bounties on in space combat, not even npc bounties, you can track them in space though but the system will not allow you to cause damage to their ship.


You have 2 choices on bounty hunts:





NPC bounties are pretty challenging, you basically take the mission, have an arakyd probot descend to the planet, insert the dna sample you get from the spynet operative (via holocomm similar to how qui-gon jinn transmitted anakin's dna to obiwan in tpm) into the probot, and wait til it gives you a planet. once you have the planet's name, you travel there and launch a seeker droid (darth maul used them to locate qui-gon jinn) then you'll get an updated location of your mark's exact location, you may launch several or just 1, the more you launch the more recent feedback you will recieve.


NPCs usually don't travel to other planets, and are usually not in cities, as they are basically out in the middle of nowhere most of the time.


Players are different. In order to have a player mark, your mark had to have killed someone in pvp (player vs player) and either have killed x amount of people, or someone placed a 20,000 credit bounty or higher on his head before going to the cloning center. Most of your marks will be in a pvp battlezone, so you can either wait it out, or decide to switch to special forces and enter the pvp zone. If you wait it out, you'll get to fight him 1vs1, or if more than 1 bounty hunter has the mission (up to 3 bh's per mark) you all can take him out and whoever gets the deathblow gets the payout.


There is alot involved in bounty hunting...it's best to be very well equipped, such as having entertainer combat buffs, good armor, good armor and clothing attachments, good food and drink, and having medic buffs.


Also your mark will not be able to attack you unless you are special forces, so you have the first strike.

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