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Lightsabers:praise here, problems elsewhere

Jedi MasterRoot

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Im upset that this is the only game(Jedi Acadmy that is) that shows the true use of a saber, You get hit you die. All other games that I've played don't work like that. Even this game dosent do it for bosses(which i can understand why) and for jedi/sith. I wonder why, if you think you know please tell me. The only reason I can come up with is that they wanted more challenging games. Still I would like them to make another game that shows the true power of the lightsaber.*grins devilishly* Mwa hahahahahahahaha!!!!

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There is OJP mod, that makes the saber much more realistic, but it's mainly, infact, it is only MP.


Alternativley, you could use this command:


/g_saberdamagescale 999




/g_saberwalldamage 999


That will make the lightsabers kil instantly, but it may just be MP.

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