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4th of July!!! (For the Yankees that is)

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Happy 4th everybody, safety, blah blah blah, be careful, etc., don't get so boozed up you look down at the fireworks to see why they're not launching. You know the drill.


Pfft, as if someone who does that would bother to take advice. LOL!


We used to throw an underground party @ a friend's house every 4th. Lots of DJs, loud house music, and plenty or people running around in a dunken stupor. One year our friend decked himself out in rubber boots, some goggles, fishing waders, and chemical gloves. He then proceeded to light off fireworks that he put into pockets all over his body. HAHA the poor guy was runnin around in a giant ball of sparks screaming "I AM THE HUMAN CANDLE!" Pretty entertaining watching him flail around like an insane monkey. Needless to say we had to "put him out" more than once. The following year he was banned from bringing fireworks, or shooting them off.


Basically I view the 4th as a paid vacation day. I have no real motivation to celebrate the hard work of our forefathers when our country is in such a sad state of affairs. I tell yah, if those men & (yes, a few) women who liberated us from England saw what our government was doing today they would roll in their graves.


Heres hoping that some of you find more meaning in the holiday than I do. Happy 4th of July.




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Happy 4th Everyone!


Mother Nature is indeed a cruel mistress. No beach or fun in the sun here. Can’t even do the barbeque thing and the fireworks only fizzle , so I decided to go back to work and postpone my celebration till this weekend. Maybe by then the sun will make a return. :bored:


I hope everyone else has better luck today.


hmm... I wonder what the native Americans call this day.

My great grandmother called it the 4th of July and she celebrated it at least the last 5 years of her life of her 100 year life.


The Native American fought and bleed for this country they are a very important part of the creation of this nation. Without the Native Americans the original stealers (settlers) would have never survived. The Cherokee part of my family loved this country with their dieing breath. Of course most of their native culture was forcibly taken from them or breed out of them.

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I spent a mostly cold and rainy day in London with relatives who are over for a couple of weeks. We were meant to go to the Ben Franklin house but ended up walking the length and breadth of London and then went to Tate Britain and then on to dinner and Wicket at the Apolla Victoria.


So slightly American themed with the Wizard of Oz.


Oh and we met up at the Abe Lincoln statue in Parliament square and hung out with the protestors for a while.


It's England after all you can't expect them put on fireworks or offer up hot dogs.

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Actually I've noticed that fireworks seem to start in the summer time here and go up through Guy Falks night.


Any excuse for a party in Britian ;)


Actually, the celebration is not because he tried to blow up parliament but because he did not succeed. That is why Guy Falks is burned in effigy.


Its actually an Anti-Catholic statement (if you want to get historical)

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