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I've talked to razor and gotten his permission to send my code to the repository and release Version 1 OJP Enhanced for the contest (since we are losing our chances of doing well at all the longer we wait and WE REALLY NEED THIS EXPOSURE!)


I've made the following changes in my code:


-fixed the bowcaster damage on jedi (just by taking out the bounce :p)


-made the snapthrow det have a very short timer and less throw distance, No alt fire for now. Just too spammable especially in lastmanstanding


-made disruptor a heavy weapon again because it is dead accurate and immune to the mishap meter, it can't be deflected back at a person, and it has a nearly one hit kill on its charge shot (I mean seriously, how is that not heavy?) its just too powerful with absorb and especially a seeker flying around.


-the seeker now has a slightly slower max firing rate. It was just doing too much damage with it accuracy the way it is.


-running damage for getting hit changed to X2.5 which is mostly for blaster bolts


-clonerifle now does the same amount of damage as blaster since its firing rate is much lower (making it the most damaging blaster in the game) and blob costs 100 to use.


I was also thinking about playing with the mishapregen for gunners a bit since it seems to be working a bit too fast to be a good working feature. I wish I we could make some kind of ammo regen feature really quick for balance sake, but Im not sure how offhand.


Well thats what I got so far. How does it sound to everyone? If there are no big objections I'll commit it tomarrow and hopefully Jack can make a Version 1 release. If anybody thinks they can help with something or thinks something should be in or changed in the documentation or in the code I've made, post it here.


Sorry its come to this, but with razor still gone and this contest already running, we have to do something and we've got to do it now.

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what about all the menus?


To me, eye candy gives a good first impression, though we do have quite a bit. imo, it feels incomplete to me without the new menus.


However, in the situation we're in, i think its better if we just go along and submit the mod.

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Yup. Personally, the actual saber system ' improvements ' will be the addicting factor imo. Maybe throw in a few explainations regarding the Profile feature, which you may have already done. I've come across a few players who were unable to use all saber styles or force powers because they hadn't configured it properly.

OJP will do well...

The force is with this !!

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Maybe something to add to this OJP early version, it's not much, it's about look, but look can be important in contests. I have made more movie-like effects for blasters, and I made the explosions bigger (so you understand why you get knocked down even if you are rather far, it just looks better). Do you want to include it?

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I suppose, but we're running out of time and I'm not sure what we'll have time to include. Right now, we're desperately trying to code a slow ammo and item regen for the pure gunners and make the mishap meter better (done) and reflect more accurate (sort of done, but it still slopes away from the crosshair a bit too much at times). If you know how to add things to the repository, your welcome too as far as I'm concerned...as long as you effects dont suck...ROFL! I'm sure they dont though.


for everyones information, the mishap meter for gunners works by adding mishap only when it passed a random roll, like 1 out of 2, 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 4. I reduced that probability a bit . not level 1 is 1 out of 1 so it will always add mishap at level one. level 3 is 1 out of 3 so it definitely goes up better while running with the gun.

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o that reminds me i noticed that all stationary turrets and the e-web raise misshap. i find that really annoying since your already stationary and since they pump out rounds at an amazing rate, after not that long they cant hit the broad side of a barn

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OK we can say I'm finished with that effects (for a quick-version, since later I'll continue with more movie sounds etc).

To make sure it's good enough, you can test it by yourself, get it here :


Feel free to tell me anything to quickly change or to remove.



I've just thought that it would be better if I tell you what is changed with this pk3.



-Saber blade tip is rounded (and the blade is slightly wider)

-Saber default colours are slightly changed, to more movie like ones (except yellow and orange which are not seen)

-Saber deflections no longer make sparks (which is ridiculous), instead there is a flash



-Every gun (except disruptor) has its shot and its wall impact (and the muzzle flash, though it's not really noticeable) improved.

- Pistol and bowcaster now both shoot red too (some might don't like this, although I do), the only difference between the shots are the size (pistol < E11 < bowcaster).



-All the explosives used in OJP have better visual effect (explosion, wall mark...), so it looks less stupid when you are knocked down even if far from the explosion, since now you are in or close to the explosion (because they are bigger, well I'm not very clear, so just try it :p).

-Det packs and thermal detonator now have cooler sounds too.

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Right now, we're desperately trying to code a slow ammo and item regen for the pure gunners and make the mishap meter better (done) and reflect more accurate (sort of done, but it still slopes away from the crosshair a bit too much at times).

I still feel ammo/item regen is a mistake.


Anyway, time is running out. Contest ends 7/16. On the plus side, we'd only need 40 votes to get in the top 10 at the moment.

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Well tonight is officially the worst night of my time as a designer in OJP!!! I was afraid I would not be able to get authentication at the repository for some reason because I'm at a new computer and it turns out my fears were correct!! The password should have worked, but it didnt.


I was going to have darth die commit it like before after he and I finished the code for the regen stuff since the last commit had bugs. Well, he got the item regen working perfectly as far as we could tell in testing, but the ammo regen still had bugs and darth had to go (thanks darthdies parents :p) So I was about to say just get back up the ammo regen code files and then get rid of tehm in the repository, but keep the item regen and then commit so we could do the release and contest entry thing tonight...and low and behold, guess what happens?!...MY PIECE OF%&*$ COMPUTER + WINDOW VISTA CRASHED AGAIN!! I JUST BOUGHT THIS THING!!!And as soon as I finally get back on, darths gone to sleep! Arrgh the agony!! My apologies, darth, if I was at all pushy or stressing, but you were the only one who could do it and can do it at this time. Thanks for all your hard work.


Well rather than give up total hope, I tried to make the item code work from the last commit to however darth fixed it and was unsuccessful :( So after trying ensiform who was unable to help tonight, I decided to just try and take out all the new stuff and commit it. We'll after not being able to because of the password thing that didnt work on this computer for some reason, I then tried my old computer, which froze just as I was trying to get stuff ready! So after all that tonight, I GIVE UP!


Well, at least now darth can finish his code and send it to the repository. Darth, if you cant get that ammo thing working right immediately, just forget about that part. Razor not fond of that anyways. The Item regen for pure gunners thing should be good enough to help the balance.


Tomarrow while I'm at work, I would like you guys to get this released and send it to the contest as quickly as possible since we are long overdue. Once darth gets his code compiled and everything tests right, someone,(preferrably Jack), make version 1 and maybe a changelog update or something. Then, somebody send it into the contest. Hopefully Razor might be able to do that from work or at least help someone do that if its not obvious.


If nobody can do it, I'll do it when I get back from work, but I just went though a coding nightmare and I'd rather not worry about it anymore. This is just too important for OJP not to be released as soon as possbile.


I'm terribly sorry I couldnt get this out tonight, but it seems fate (or just my computer) hates me!! NOBODY GET WINDOWS VISTA!! LOL


Goodluck guys. And when it in the contest mobilize as many people to vote for it as you can, its really not THAT many votes (so far) just to get in the top 10! WE CAN DO THIS!!!... RIGHT?!..Ok I'm going to bed. :p

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I suggest that you put my effects pk3 in an extra pk3 (I mean, don't "hide" it in the OJP_enhancedstuff.pk3, just leave it in another pk3 named OJP_enhancedeffects.pk3 or anything like that), it might be faster to do.

By the way, has anybody tried it?

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Seeker seems to regen fine....ammo seems to regen fine....dunno why you were having problems last night with ammo regen hock...but it seems to be working...i'll finish it up..commit...and hopefully find someone to test with.


Also with rocket launcher there is a animation bug....if you use up all of your ammo you now dont auto switch...else you wouldnt be able to select it to regen the ammo for it....but if you have a empty rocket launcher and you roll your torso is stuck in the end of rolling animation. Happens with thermals too.Prolly will happen with detpacks too. Since those 3 take 30 seconds to regen ammo...not 1 or 2...

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The contest ends July 16th, this next Monday. Based on the current status I'm hearing, I don't believe we can realistically enter the contest.


Next time, please listen to me about dumping new code and assets in right before attempting a major release. You just can't expect it to work, especially when your lead coder isn't available. :|


EDIT: Sorry that was a bit harsh. A large part of it was that I haven't been able to finish things up personally due to unexpected RL problems.


But seriously people, deadlines are deadlines! If you can't make it, don't try to hold things up for "just one more thing!" There's always the next release!

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