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[TSL]Nihilus Seperate Armor

Jaden Kenobi

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So to put it simple, I like using Nihilus armor but I have a huge issue because when I face him I dont wanna look like a exact twin, and Ive seen some have it as completly seperate armor like Jedi Robes or something so what I want is, if someone can make this http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Darth_Nihilus;41166


A complete seperate armor for my PC instead of looking like a twin of Nihilus.


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Uuh I think you didnt get it, I dont want it a PC character selection I just want the armor, much for example the usable armor of Nihilus for a PC use that makes you look exactly like him, but what I want instead is to have that reskin I mentioned as a seperate armor to not look like a exact twin like him.

Like Shem´s Custom Nihilus robe for example, seen here:

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I can help; first find the twin Nihilus robe you are able to wear. Then, find out what the .TGA file name, that is the skin. Download a Nihilus robe you like, find the name of the TGA file and write the same name for the wearable robe on the your new look robe tga file. I am sorry if this makes no sense.

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All it is about is taking the original robe skin and overwriting it with the new skin for that robe than changing the Boss Nihilus skin. It has nothing to do with kotor tool or any tools, just renaming the file. This might be clearer:


1) Inside the .zip of the PC wearable Nilhius robes is a .TGA or Targa image. usually it is something like "something.tga", with out the quotes. That tga is the skin for it, or what it looks like.


2) That file front file is for the boss Nihilus, but it is reworded to only change the bosses skin. There are two, one for the head (N_Nihilus_H.tga) and the other for the armor (N_Nihilus_A.tga).


3) By merely changing the label from N_Nihilus_H.tga to something.tga, it will use that same tga file from N_Nihilus_H.tga for that wearable robe.


If you mod has a utp file then I have never seen that file before. At least you now know more about skinning then before. May the force be with you! :D

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I think it is possible to do this fairly simply. I will try to explain the method I would use.


Tools needed:

Kotor Tool, a hex editor - I'm using XVI32 (maybe it is XVI 3.2) There should be a free Hex Editor online (I'm pretty sure XVI was free), and a GFF editor if your Kotor Tool doesn't read 2das in your override for. I will explain it using a GFF editor. If you don't have a GFF editor, tk102 made a really good one - you can get it at http://www.starwarsknights.com in the tools section.


Open Kotor Tool. Push the new 2da file button. Open up the appearance.2da in your override folder. If there is none, use the one found in Kotor Tools BIFs > 2da.bif > 2D Array > appearance.2da.


Okay, Appearance.2da:

Scroll Down to Line 463 Unique_Darth_Nihilus. Highlight and copy this whole line. Paste this line at the bottom of the 2da list. Renumber the Row Label (though I'm not sure if it is necessary, it is useful for future reference). Keep the appearance.2da file open, as we will use it a couple of times later.


Back to Kotor Tool:

Finding the model file for Darth Nihilus -- Go to BIFs > models.bif > Aurora Model > n_darthnihilus.mdl. Highlight the file, Click the "Extract File" button. Save it in an easy to access place. Find the model extension file for Darth Nihilus, as well -- Go to BIFs > models.bif > Aurora Model Extension > n_darthnihilus.mdx. Extract same way as the .mdl file above.


For reference and renaming, open the folder that has the modded Darth Nihilus texture you want to use for your armor. In the mod folder, the default textures are N_darthnihH for the head, and N_darthnihA for the body. Rename these files. Change N_darthnihH.tga to N_darthnihI.tga and Rename N_darthnihA.tga to N_darthnihB.tga.

Open your Hex Editor. Open the n_darthnihilus.mdl file with the Hex editor. Use the Search function to find the default texture references in the .mdl file. For the head references: Search > Find... Text String: N_darthnihH, change the H to an I. Search > Find again Down... replace the H to an I and follow this step until there are no more. Scroll the .mdl file info to the top. For the body references: Search > Find... Text String: N_darthnihA, change the A to a B. Search > Find again Down... replace A to a B and follow this step until there are no more. Save this .mdl file in your override folder as n_darthnihilud.mdl. Find the n_darthnihilus.mdx file, copy it to override folder and rename it n_darthnihilud.mdx. You can name your textures and their .mdl references different than I did, but you must keep the size of name the same.


Go back to the appearance.2da from the first part. Go to the bottom line. In the race column: Rename it to N_DarthNihilud; In the modela column: Rename it N_DarthNihilud. Keep this file open, we'll use it again before we save.


The armor uti file:

For this, I will just describe how to add the Nihilus Robe disguise feature to an already existing robe. There are tutorials that will explain how to make a new separate item. Open a robe item file you don't use/like. For now, I'll explain how to replace the standard Padawan Robe with your new Nihilus Robe. In Kotor Tool, go to BIFs > templates.bif > Blueprint, Item > a_robe_02.uti. Double-click this file. The uti file will open, go to the Properties tab. Double-Click on the blank line at bottom. In the Property Name, select Disguise. In the Subtype, select anything. (We will replace this in a bit, but if you want to check things out, use Unique_Darth_Nihilus, line 463). Click the Update button. This line will show up in the Properties List on the Properties Tab in the uti file. Scroll over to the right on the scrollbar at the bottom of the uti. Take note of what it says in the Property ID column -- in this case 59. Also see what is in the SubtypeID column -- in this case possibly 463 => this number refers to the line in the appearance.2da. Make whatever other changes to the properties you want. If you want to change the name or description seen in game, go to the Description Tab. Save this uti file in your override folder as a_robe_02.uti


Open your non-Kotor Tool gff editor. Open the a_robe_02.uti file from your override. Scroll down to the PropertiesList heading. Scroll through the STRUCTs within that heading. Looking at each STRUCT's PropertyName, search for 59 -- the number in the Property ID column. When you find the STRUCT with 59 as Property Name, Click on the Subtype (which, if you used Darth Nihilus's appearance as the disguise when you edited the robe with Kotor Tool, it will be 463).

Pull up your appearance.2da file from before. Look at the new Row Label number. Go back to the GFF. Change the Subtype Value to the new Row Label instead of 463. This number should be the same as the last line of your 2da file. Click off of Subtype and on to something else to make sure your changes are stored. Save your a_robe_02.uti file. Save your appearance.2da file.


In the mod's folder you will also need to rename the .txi files the same as your .tga files. N_darthnihH.txi to N_darthnihI.txi... N_darthnihA.txi to N_darthnihB.txi.


Your override folder should now have the files:



N_darthnihI.tga - from mod

N_darthnihB.tga - from mod

N_darthnihI.txi - from mod

N_darthnihB.txi - from mod




This should replace the Padawan Robes with your new Darth Nihilus robe, except any that you already have in your inventory. Use the cheats to get the item, and hopefully it works. I was not able to try this out in game so let me know if it works or not. If anyone sees errors, or if I'm doing things the long way around, let me know please.

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