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[WIP] The Brotherhood of Shadow


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The Brotherhood of Shadow – K1 Content/Quest Mod


So here it is, the content mod that I’ve been working on for over a year now is finally close to completion. So in preparation for the release, I figured I’d actually post some information on what the mod actually consists of, and when you can expect to be playing it.


I’ve been following this forum for a long time now, and I’ve noticed it’s popular to post WIPs detailing what people are planning to make, that exists only on paper. I’ve taken a different direction with my WIP, instead of revealing just plans, I’ll be revealing my ideas, and the actual playable content they have led too.


The thing that draws me to the KOTOR series, is the storytelling, and the experiences that are created for the player, as a result of it. A possibility for a content mod for KOTOR, is that of a new planet, similar in layout and style to existing planets. When planning the mod, I decided early on that rather then the emphasis being on the freedom to explore, and to allow the player to discover the story at there own pace, that the emphasis would be on linear storytelling and where the pace would reflect the story trying to be told. Like a movie.


Anyways, details. This content mod named “The Brotherhood of Shadow” is a content mod that allows the player to access new quests, and through these new quests, new items, new characters and new perspectives on existing events.


The mod, which from my experiences creating it, will take at least an hour to fully play through. Now about 70% of this time isn’t spent simply playing fetch, like in the main game, it’s time spent in dialogue, cut scenes and battle, where advance through the quest. This content mod is split in 2 at about 10/90, a quest that can be taken prior to the Leviathan, and due to plot details associated with the mod, the main quest that can be taken after the Leviathan.



Upon attending a failed meeting with one of the most ruthless Exchange members, on behalf of a band of smugglers, you are asked take part in a journey on a trader ship named the ‘Orion’ to oversee and to safeguard a mysterious and powerful cargo from falling into this Exchange members hands. Little do you know, that this journey presents more then meets the eyes. Through the course of this journey you come to encounter unspeakable acts, ancient entities and most importantly…you will have to encounter, and come to terms with yourself, …Revan.



- Interesting and compelling characters, brought to life via original high quality reskins.

- New items available for the player, including an updated version of my Patterned Jedi Robe mod, that now supports male players.

- A selection of different areas to explore and experience storytelling on, based upon existing modules, logically connected together.

- No text without a voice over. Using a combination of alien VO’s, and original voiceovers professionally created using content from existing VO’s.

- Choose how you play through the quests, choices available for both Light and Darksiders.

- Learn about your characters past, and play a role in a pivotal moment in the life of Revan.

- A deep and detailed plot that matches the quality of the main games plot.

- On your journey, battle traders, criminals, ancient entities of Sith nature, your past, and yourself.



And now for media, here are some videos that I have quickly created some short preview videos to provide an insight into some of the locations and events that you will experience when you play through the mod. 3 videos for now, more as the days progress.


(Sorry about the quality of the videos. Windows movie maker, nuff said. :p)


Release Schedule

As for the release, as mentioned I chose to delay revealing the project until I had something substantial, interesting and most importantly complete to show. And this works to your advantage, as if I manage to balance my time spent on the role playing game KOTOR well, against the role playing game called Real Life, then the mod should be fully complete, and available to download within a few weeks.


I’ve probably missed something, but any comments, and/or questions are welcome. I’ll try to answer what I can without spoiling anything major concerning the plot of the content.



Possible Homage?



The Source?

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This most be the most professional mod I've ever seen. It's breathtaking. TSL style! Really, I mean it.

Earlier I thought about making a mod where you could play Revans fights against Bastila and her party but it looks like you already are making it. I want this mod, it's one of the best I've seen so far.

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Can't wait to see this. It's not too often you see a content mod such as this that integrates into the main story in Kotor 1, looks promising (especially the part wheer you fight Bastila, using unused modules from the cutscene is an excellent move). Keep up the good work Silveredge9! :thumbsup:

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Also, the music, I've heard it before, where can I find it?


I think it's the music that plays when you do the "Mysterious Box" quest. You know, with the imprisoned Rakatan.


Nice video, Silveredge9. Can't wait to try this one out.

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