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[WIP] The Brotherhood of Shadow


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Another new item revealed today. This time a Jedi Robe. :)




Problem is, I'm not sure what to call it. So here's where you come in, feel free to submit names for Jedi Robes that you think would suit it, based on the image.


I'll choose the best submitted name, and include it in the mod. :)

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I'm sorry Silveredge... you must have dropped something...

MY JAW! 'Cause that robe is SwEeT!!! :lol:

The black leather looks sort of like Visas' robes...

Since I'm a Visas fan-boy and all... this robe is going to be an instant fave... ;)


Anywho... I think it should be called... hmmmm... perhaps...

Shadow Robes? I don't know... but they look stealthish (and stylish as well :p)


Plus... "Shadow" alludes to the title of your mod as well... :D (Then again... I'm a bit desperate hahaha)...

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Ohhh I'm good with item names, how about:


Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation




Robe of the Crimson Order (I suppose that would mean you would need to create some kind of Crimson order, or just put it in the description, if you make it up :p)


Or how about...


Bloodvine Robe


Well, I can think of more if you don't like those :D


EDIT: Ohh I just thought of another cool one


Vermillion Robes of Domination :D


I can keep going you know, ohhh and all those names have copyright on them, you wanna use them ask me :xp:

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Nice robe Silver, a suggestion for the name keep it simple but give it meaning i.e:


[1.] Crimson Robe: Suits the colourings of the robe.

[2.] Bloodline Robe: Suits the colouring but could also explain that the robe passes down to one whom has a particular strong affinity to the force and thus the robe "seeks" a force bearer worthy enough to redeem it.

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Some pretty neat names so far. Though if I had to complain, I'd say they are too RPG-Generic-Ish, perhaps suggestions that link in with the KOTOR lore? :p


Like Onderon Royal Robes or Mandalorian Wars Robe, and stuff like that. :)


Anyways, another new robe to feast your eyes on! A Republic themed Jedi Robe, wore by some Jedi Knights during the Mandalorian Wars to highlight their Republic rank.




I also passed another progress milestone today. ALL modules are 100% finished (And we are talking a good deal of modules here). :)

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