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hehe the old idea to have a real JKA dedicated server source and JKA client source


I a long time ago compiled the quak3 source by changing a few things in the source in order to start a dedicated server for JA...


i think, it is really possible

Itis not easy of course and fastidious, but basically we see mainly 2 big things :

** recode the ghoul thing ==> so why not uing this myghoul

** adjust the bsp support in order to support all JA extended map features


and i hope there is nothing changed around the basic protocol between server and client...


i am sure some specialist in quake3 source would see other changes to do in the code...

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slider use an english grammar checker for ****s sake



and yes, there are many more changes needed besides that... like network signals for animations and such, along with model loaders for glm (assuming wutan didn't already write that)


maybe we could also rip out the UI stuff and use an existing opengl gui toolkit

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The file formats for GLM and GLA are described in the JO SDK release. It's been something like 5 years, but there is an old post on this forum from James Monroe (emorog) that said the format was available, and that modders and people wishing to use the format should stop complaining.


In subsequent discussions with Michael Gummelt, Ste Cork, and some indirect hinting by Kenn Hoekstra, plus the fact that Raven themselves pretty much have an open policy towards 'modders' and game content tinkerers, and the fact that Raven cooperated with me (with regards to clarifying points of question) on a separate project, Dragon, which is not as far as I'm concerned in violation of any game's EULA, and is not covered by any game's EULA (specifically, it is entirely independent of any game), I have never been given any indication that Raven has not granted me permission to develop code utilizing their format.


Is it 'their' format?


If you compare the glm / gla formats to the Quake3 GPL source code, you can see that glm / gla is a modified md4 file format.


'MyGhoul' does not have any of the advanced features of 'Ghoul2' - no dismemberment, no LOD, no per-poly hit detection. MyGhoul isn't technically even compatible with Ghoul2, it is a file format based off of md4, that I convert GLM files to for use in the engine. If you had a MyGhoul format file, you couldn't load it in JKA / JKO.


This question has come up from time to time, so I hope this clears it up. MyGhoul is not a fully featured GPL'd replacement for Ghoul2. I cringe at the thought of trying to have a fully featured Ghoul2 replacement, it is not impossible, but almost all of the inner workings of the system are obfuscated from the mod SDK - all you get is a pointer to 'ghoul2' which I suspect is either dynamically allocated or is just an 'int' that indexes something in the engine. I haven't really looked, and haven't really felt the need to dig in to how it works.


That said, I prefer not to discuss my projects actively these days. I regret mentioning that I had some support for GLM/GLA in my project, it has been a source of continued frustration, because people tend to assume that because you can have a screenshot of a JKA model on a Quake3 map that everything must work 100% perfectly and now porting JKA to a standalone free engine will be a snap.


Anyway, I am sure there are more than enough bright people out there who can read the JO SDK and figure the rest out.

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