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Attention! (guild recruitment thread)


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Hello all,

I am wrighting this to try and improve the numbers of my guild so l have come to the decision to make a thread here on lucasforums. The guild is named The Zann Consortium (ZANN) and we are now recruiting people to join. We have a few people already but must get more so l will tell you the features:


You will get a large tatooine house to place from us

We will try to get you an office inside our guild hall

All guild members are admins of our guild hall unless not trust worthy

A home designer will help decorate your home when placed

We have a city ready to come we are just waiting till we get a spot

The server is Ahazi

There is no members who call people n00bs

We accept any poffesion (something special for traders)

We accept any faction

We accept any level

We will help new members

I find all members kind



Traders are not in this guild but the guild named Intergalactic Traders (IT) which is my Alts guild that also accepts any level and faction.


Venuew: The owner of the guild ZANN, with a co-owner named Tetok. She is a level 90 entertainer and will recruit people into the guild.


Obila: Owner of the guild IT, with a co-owner gawi. He is a level 57 trader and will also recruit people into he's guild


So mail either one acording to your poffesion. I may take a while getting back since my 30 day pre-paid card has ran out so l will be back on ASAP. But just mail me and make the title: Guild:IT or ZANN. Thanks and post any questions or comments here :)

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Hi, I'm actually completely new to this game and am having an outstanding time with it thus far. After I complete the starting quests and missions and level up my character to a satisfactory level (for me), I'd be interested in joining your guild. You might have to put up with my unfamiliarity to all of this but I'm a quick learner. I'm playing a trandoshan spy. I still need to get more familiar with the politics of the game but once I do, I'll definitely be up to joing your guild.

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Hey! Im a returning vet that just started fresh with a friend on Ahazi. I have my smuggler, that i only level when my friend is on and my main, an engineer that i just started as well. Your offer intrigues me. Contact me in game on either:


Paandar (most likely) or




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