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Requesting help from a coder

Sgt. Bob

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Before you move this, it's not something I could post in JA Coding cause it doesn't contain code.


This is my first post, so even though my post count will be 1 I'd prefer if you didn't think "Pffft, what a newb."


That out of the way, here's the idea. I have been planning a JA Multiplayer mod for a while now, which will basically remake the saber system into a martial arts system (this might have been said before). The main thing is to change each saber style (blue, yellow, red, dual and staff) into their own martial arts styles (which aren't necessarily "real" martial arts styles. Like, made up types of Teras Kasi. Think Jade Empire!) for the player to use his hands and feet as weapons rather than lightsabers. The second part of the idea is to make the guns work like real guns, not futuristic blasters. However, that part will be the last part to do. I really want this mod to come through rather than just get some hype and then die. I haven't been able to plan too many things 'cause I don't know what a coder could accomplish, but it will be discussed with whoever wishes to help me.


So what I need is a programmer/coder that's somewhat experienced to help me. I'm an animator myself so that's always a plus. If anyone is willing to help, add me to MSN or send an e-mail (martin_ramsell@hotmail.com).


Thanks in advance!

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