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Academy of Forsaken Jedi


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Hello, the AFJ is a brand new clan and its currently recruiting.



Clan/Team Name: Academy of Forsaken Jedi

Structural Leadership: Commitee and final decision by the leader (hope this is what this topic was about :) )

Founder: Zan

Tag: [AFJ]

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: Need more members, but we will definitely.

Type: Community

Alignment: Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA

Website: http://afj.byethost12.com

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://afj.byethost12.com/phpBB/index.php

Other Contact Info: Zantetsuken10 (X-Fire)

Requirements: Good behaviour, no saber/force skill needed.

Brief Background: not much since we created this clan a week ago :)

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