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Who do you think is hotter: Bastila, Juhani, Hand Maiden or Mira?

Who is hotter?  

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  1. 1. Who is hotter?

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This thread is back again? :lol:


Well, since I haven't voted, I suppose I better. It comes down to Mira and Visas to me, but I'll have to pick Mira...just because her dialogue is more interesting. I have a save back just after I pick her up as a fem Exile, 'cuz there are few things more fun than discussing men with her. :p


Stun batons are wonderful. :xp:


If the male Exile had a romance arc with her, the game would be so much better...as it is, he's just a fresh jerk who gets told off. :lol:

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Since you cannot suggest the Jedi Exile, Mira presents herself as being hotter than a Jedi ice princess, a cat lady and a emotionally challenged fighting girl. It worked, she has the looks and attitude to appeal especially to those who prefer those who have a bit of snarkiness to them.

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Other: Not listed. Daragon I think her last name was in the essential guide to SW characters. :carms:


TBH as attractive fictional characters I have always fancied Samus Aran from Metroid and Temari of the sand from Naruto--entirely based on looks and dimeanor/body language though perhaps some psychological factors do play in, yes. Well actually Temari b/c of her hairdoo and Samus just b/c she was the first ass kicking heroine of videogames if you wanna get technical.


In the mean time...seriously, get up and get out. I see it like this:


Real vs Pixel:


Pixelated ladies don't cost you $$$ and never stop looking good (though your perceptions of them will change). They never complain...unless you want them to--let's just not go there (point is they don't bitch at you when you first step in the door :rolleyes:). And whatever else you'd...do with them... Mystery or no. You can't really interact with them.


Real thing: Costs $$$, and as they get older, well, their looks slide down the drain as do yours. You CAN interact with them, unlike pixels. They have opinions and self respect...and in some cases a really strict swordplay hand followed by combat boots. You will have to put up with them. Imperfections and all once you have had the real thing, you can't really go back. Everything else is just...not real...


Though I suppose those pixels are nice when you're bitter and not looking. :)

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There was time i fell like i did fall in love with Bastila like some Anime-geeks in Japan who want to marry a girl in those anime things. But then i realised that was because Basty's so like my dream girl. =)

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