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KOTOR2 - Telos Hidden Area

Sith Holocron

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Go to either end of the L-shaped area that goes around the Cantina and Dobo emporium, against the sloped side. There's a small interruption in the walkmesh there. If you cram your characters into one corner of the doorway, you can get one of them to teleport over to the other side. Move your lead character into the corner there, running. While that character is still running, pause the game and switch to another party member. Have that character also run into the corner, against your other party member. Then do the same for the third party member. Keep this up until one of them disappears. Then pause the game and switch to that party member, who will have teleported to the adjacent inaccessible area. The other party members will shortly show up in that area.


From this area, I couldn't see a door in the small area on the north side of the module. There's also a Republic Officer visible on an even lower platform in the southeast quadrant.


The walkmeshes in these areas extend a bit over the edges of the walkways, and a bit into the walls. They also end abruptly in the middle of what looks like a walkway because of adjacent areas above or below. It looks like Obsidian intended these areas for NPCs to walk about, making the place look larger than it is. Moza is there for the "we're under attack" message when you leave the Ithorian compound area.


I was thinking that it would be nice is someone could mod access to this area on Citadel Station that you could only normally access through a glitch in the system. Or would this affect the Moza "we're under attack" video?







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I wish I could take the credit for it but I first heard of it on the Team Gizka forums, I believe.


With all the mods introducing changes to KOTOR modules, I thought someone might step up and do something with these areas that have been largely ignored. Perhaps once the walkmeshes are fully cracked, someone might recall this suggestion. (I was only thinking of a simple mod to introduce an elevator or something like that.)


Thread warning being issued here, no one may 'bump' threads here except a modder taking on the project or posting updates about said project, I will infract the next person who 'bumps' this thread with another useless post. -RH

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I will take this on. As a trial and error basis on my own time. No timeframe yet, pending other modding prospects for now.


This may just be a standalone for you (depending what I find is possible or not--or within my capabilities) or it may very well end up as part of my plans for a "Telos Expansion" mod. I was already going to see what I could do with this specific area of Telos. So this is actually a jumpstart for me. :thmbup1:



Details about it otherwise:

->"Adds" new areas to the game. (Reusing other areas actually.)


->New additional missions/plot sidestory. New characters. Ideally LS & DS points to be gained. Some minor re-playability.


->Items to be acquired, differing as per outcome.



@ Sith Holocron: as per our discussion elsewhere thank you for this discovery--less work for me to do here. Had been curious about this myself. As to an "elevator", I think I get what you mean but I will contact you via email or PM to clarify. ;) However, "other" prospects we have discussed will have to take priority. :)





UPDATE 11-01-2009: Sorry I didn't take pics yet, but will post when I can.


I have done as this thread has suggested. There are 2 areas that can be accessed via this "glitch", each on their respective sides:


TSF station doorway side:


This side was where the higher up "observation deck" was. (Personally, "tourist zone" I'd call it.) I took advantage of the walkmesh overlap to use caps lock and "see" through the walls.


The third pic with that twin sun character, on the left if you do the "see through" running against that wall, you will be able to observe this:


I noticed 2 cubby "box" rooms way off in the back corner to the left while facing that direction that were there for no apparent reason. They are not normally visible for scenery, no props or scenery, nor do they have the hovering droids going in and out of them. What I can see of them are just plain walls and floor all the same texture. I could not see all of the rooms so it could contain some stuff.


"Looking" upward I saw several areas in the inaccessible area connected to that higher ramp seen in the 3rd picture. These could have walkmeshes added to them. However this is speculation, not fact. Also I do not know how this would affect that scene. :giveup:


I went to the tourist/observation window and the built in door scenery and did a "look see". Mostly it was just the scenery, but looking down there were some more "cubby box" rooms. One built into the wall and open sided for scenery. The other I'm not so sure about.

Both definitely plain and no other purpose.


Around the corner of these windows is a visible but not walkable area with benches. This platform has some props to work with, so it is a somewhat likely candidate for a small mod. At least a good, professional looking one. However it would require some things to be done to it first and...a purpose of some kind otherwise it's just some Easter-egg area.



The cantina doorway side:


When pulling off the glitch I ended up seeing my character go slowly down and end up hovering above the ground in the "scenery" cubby mentioned above for a moment before ending up on the lower area.


The second picture with the blue visas.


I noticed here the TSF soldier mentioned. No dialogue nor messace text placeholder. But unlike the hovering droids, this one is "interact-able". The droids that you see hovering and flying about are not (BTW, what dictates their behavior?). Perhaps this character could be edited in a theoretical mod. Voice acting, dialogue or text placeholder.


Could not get around the corner as seen in the first picture. I suppose it might make for a nice area to add but it may take some remodelling that would require 3DS--I don't have that. :( This to add props to make it look good--lest you settle for something shoddy and crappy that is rather bare.


There is a section of the wall with windows leading to a blank box of a room. Inaccessible, but walkmesh interference+looksee and you will see what I am talking about.


There is little to work with here.


In terms of access to these, I have an idea or two how to pull it off but it would not be altogether one clean piece.


So far as the other areas seen in the backgrounds I am going to try to access it in-game first. Then as I have time and grow in my modding ability I shall explore what exists. Forgive me if I am keeping to myself the exact specifics of what I might plan to do if anything, it's a bit of self preservation. I am doing this report for your (Sith Holocron and your team/associates) benefit. Especially in case you get to doing something with this before I can.


Maybe this is premature BUT I definitely see a thing or two that could be done with all of this extra areas and stuff. In fact, I think some of this may have been closed off or "cut" due to Obsidian having to cut off their production early.


Existing areas sure beat the hell out of having to use 3DS to create your own. A little tweak here and there might go a long way.


This increases a likelihood I might use this in my own project as well.

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What about the Military Base Sublevels

The area is acessible

There is just no way to open the door


Thats part of the game that was cut for the Retail version(even if you can get the door open, it will crash upon entering, or just give you a black screen), though it is added if you install TSLRCM. Though you won't go to the Sub-level until later in the game.

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Since SH mentioned this thread earlier, I thought I'd grab some more screenshots of the various areas I could get to, and put them here. They're in the same order as in SH's screenshots in post #1:


1. 'Blank' area

Walkmesh stops just short of the big 'bridge' thing.

Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)





Area 2: With Woman


Has a female republic officer with no dialogue lurking in one corner. Area is around the corner from where area 1; walkmesh again stops by the bridge.

Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)




Area 3: Doors, Benches, Adverts

Located above areas one and two; got to from by the TSF office. Walkmesh does not extend to benches.


Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)







Note that all three areas have the same camera-clipping issues with walls as modder-built areas.


Hope that's useful. :)

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A further image. I imported into gmax the area model. The entire 'central' area, consisting of all the walkways (but not the accessible rooms) is in one area model. There are a lot more rooms than we realised, some much further up, but I can't see how the player would get to them.


I also extracted the walkmesh:



The purple bits represent the walkways past the cantina, the Dobo shop, and the TSF office. The rest, as can be seen, is highly fragmentary, and lacks the purple 'walls' on those areas which are complete (perhaps explaining the wall-clipping in the areas we've been able to jump to?)

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The purple walls are made out of non-walk material. Non-walk basically enables you to "slide" along the edge of a walkmesh without stopping, ie, you run into a wall at an angle, and you continue along that wall in that direction, but don't go through the wall. Without the non walk, you run into the edge and come to a dead stop. To move, you have to back up. Unfortunately, the non-walk walls do not seem to be the only ingredient in camera stopping. They may be a part of it, but that's still a mystery to us.

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There are a lot more rooms than we realised, some much further up, but I can't see how the player would get to them.

The other areas are the places beyond the sealed door:






and a walkway directly behind the TSF brig, which connects two dead ends:





I've made a teleporting tool that makes getting around a lot easier, but I've been a bit lazy regarding its release.


I'd love for these areas to be restored, but most of them aren't connected to anything. Some overlap, as well; for example, the walkway is directly above part of the Republic woman's level. Because of the way the engine is, you'd have to sacrifice one for the other. If it were me - and I were capable of modeling with 3ds, which I'm not - I would forget about the Republic woman's level and I'd add a back door to the TSF, connecting it to the walkway. Then I'd add another walkway connecting this area to the nightclub-looking one with the steam down below. Perhaps the area beyond the sealed door could be some freight elevator leading to the cargo area underneath via teleporting. Either one of the alcoves here would make good area transitions too, and with a little work so could the dead stop by the benches.

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