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OJP Server status? Anyone?


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Hello everyone, I realize I've been out of the loop for some time. I've been working this summer and taking a class. I thought I'd be playing more games, but ultimately I ended up just kind of sidestepping JA...


I'm leaving for a two week vacation starting this afternoon, but I was curious...



What's up with the OJP Server?



With RazorAce "retired" is the EscapedTurkey server gone for good?


I see the tracker is down (but I knew it would be), and the IP is non-responsive. I can't get into the server panel on the website either.


I would imagine with the project "over" for the time being (except for third party efforts in the meantime) that RA wouldn't keep paying for a server.


However, if there IS an active one, I'd be happy to post the (new) tracker on my web page to help people have a server to play on.



I will confess that I sort of lost interest with the lowered server activity due to testing Enhanced. Popular and interesting as the mod was, I guess I was just pretty old school myself. However I'm still sorry to see things go, but I guess that's the way of things. The important thing was all that came out of this project and the fun we had in the process, right? ;)



So all I'm saying is that I'd be happy to have a working server posted on strategy.jediknight.net for people to see has some folks in it playing JKA.


I don't have the cash to spare right now to host a server month to month, honestly, and I'm grateful to RA and ET for what they did all these years (has it been that long, wow!).


So anyone who's still around, talk to me... I'll be checking my email and PM's over the next two weeks just to see what's going on. ;)



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Sup Sup Maxstate...


I too have been absent for a little bit. Busy job hunting, and working on another project. Had a job interview earlier today, but I didn't get it :(

Guess my PC upgrades will have to wait a while now.

I'll be checking Hamachi every so often ( eg: when I have time ) for a game !!

Hope you're keeping well...



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