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rent dedicated server and motd


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Well, there is an executable, jampded.exe in your Gamedata folder, you can run a windows dedicated server with it. If you want to run it on linux you can also download one from various sources on the net. server.cfg in the Gamedata\base folder is what you need to put all your settings in. most of those are discussed in that thread I linked. If you mean things like JA+ motd and such, a good place to ask about JA+ settings would be their site/forums.

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I want to start a dedicated server in jka.

do i have to rent a server or i can do it for free?

can i write a motd and do other stuff without reting a server?


I will be very grateful if someone will answer me

It depends on what you want.

If you want to make a funserver where you sometimes play on with ur friends, then i suggest u just host one, in your Gamedata folder is a file called JampDed.exe like been said before. You can configurate stuff and settings in your server.cfg (or jampserver.cfg don't know exactly) ..but you need a good computer and more important, fast internet to host a server.

If you want to make a clan or something, a server which will be online 24/7 you have to rent a server, just search "Gameserver" at google and you will find alot sites, the more slots (amount of players) the higher the price.

You can also host your own server 24/7 for free, but i don't recommend that.

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