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The Sizzling Summer Crawl 2007

Guest DarthMaulUK

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Guest DarthMaulUK

The Sizzling Summer Crawl 2007 was hosted by the players of Sunrunner and Holowood Galactic Studios on August 19, 2007. This cross-server Cantina Crawl event brought players from Ahazi, Bria, Chimaera, Eclipse, Flurry, Gorath, Naritus, and Starsider to the Sunrunner server.


A Cantina Crawl is a cross-server Entertainer event. Javier from the Bria server started this event to highlight the "non-combat" side of the game. It started with a small Entertaining group that decided to "cantina hop" to different locations all over the planet. The event grew larger until cantina crawl 6, when Javier made his first crawl video.


Traditionally most people who attend are Entertainers, however everyone is welcome to join. Non-Ents can dance /Basic or play /Starwars 1 on a Slitherhorn.




I would like you to mention Holowood Galactic Studios in your podcast. We are an Entertainer guild with a focus on roleplay.


If you have room please also mention that Eevaa from Bria along with other Entertainers is creating a brand new cross-server event called "EntCon 2007" on TCPrime. This will be hosted at the Galactic Senate City. Details are still being brainstormed on the Entertainer forums. Every profession and anyone is welcomed to attend and also check out the brainstorming thread on the Entertainer forums.


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