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Fun with YouTube


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Hey ya'll, lets talk about YouTube.


Anybody here recomend any funny video clips?


My most recent viewing is watching how riduculous that Star Wars Kid is. I burst out with tears of laughter watching that guy.


Here is the link by the way;


And also I have been watching reviews from the Angry Video Game Fag. His stuff is hilarious (recommended for audiences over 15 years. EDIT: Which is a reason I am not giving a link)

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For Naruto fans and Family Guy fans, i present to you....




Here's link for part 1 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Yys-cdQ4nC0

You can acess the rest from that page.


I just watched it. Ahh, a lovely combination of Naruto and Family Guy. For some reason, I liked part 2 better. That "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" episode is one of my fav episode.

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