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New FFA Variant Being Worked On (JKA)


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From Unreal Tournament 2004: Mutant.


Instagib not allowed with this.

JvM not allowed with this.

Private Dueling not allowed with this.

Only works in g_gametype 0 (FFA).


Game is as follows:

The first player who frags an opponent becomes the Mutant, who now becomes the target of everyone else, who can kill — and be killed by — the Mutant but who can’t kill each other, except the Bottom Feeder. The Mutant racks up points for every frag and gets all the weapons in the game, along with plenty of ammo and enhanced powers, but his health slowly drains. When a player kills the Mutant, he/she takes on the role as Mutant.


The Bottom Feeder is the player with the lowest score. He gets points for kills, allowing him to move up the scoreboard and create a new Bottom Feeder. The Mutant gets extra points for fragging the Bottom Feeder.


In UT2K4, being mutant gives you faster weapon firing but since that would require client-side for best prediction I changed that to x ammo regen per second for different ammo types up to 999.


In UT2K4, the mutant gains health for killing someone. I removed health pickups, holdables, force boon, drain, mindtrick, team heal, and team energize, self heal and instead, you get 15 health for killing a regular player and 20 health for killing the Bottom Feeder. It never goes over 200.


As the mutant you get:

- Ability to score points

- Infinite Cloak (Does not turn off from lightning or demp hit as well)

- All weapons and 999 ammo that regens to 999

- Speed is 80 points higher than g_speed or g_speed * modelscale factor

- Force regen is 8 times faster.

- If g_saberDamageScale is not 1, it is forced to being 1 for mutant.

- Saber does half damage that it normally would for balance. Might tweak this more.


With client side:

Mutant shows up on scoreboard with a red "M" where ready would be.

Bottom Feeder shows up on scoreboard with a blue "BF" where ready would be.

If not mutant and pointing at a non-mutant and non-bottom feeder then crosshair name and pic will be green.

Red Team Sprite drawn above non-mutants if local player is not mutant.

Blue Team Sprite drawn above the bottom feeder.


Scoreboard with "M":



Just running around as Mutant:


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