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SWBF 3 Squad Commands Poll


Which New Command Would You Like Best?  

74 members have voted

  1. 1. Which New Command Would You Like Best?

    • Attack Nearest Enemy
    • Attack Vehicle
    • Attack Command Post
    • Follow Me with 6 or more guys following you
    • Hold Positions with a wider range
    • Cover Me with 5 or more AI dudes
    • Covering Sniper Fire with very wide range
    • Throw Grenades without stupid AI running towards them
    • Fall Back
    • Fall Back to Last Command Post

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see and thats stupid. I play SP for the sole purpose of mod maps. I dont want to spend 10 hours getting so I can tell some idiot to follow me. At the very least, make it so you can turn off things like that so I can get my map playing done and then go on multiplayer and not have to farm to get allies

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I still think that attack command post would be an extremely useful command. They had that in Battlefield 2 and it was a godsend. I would think it would be the same in this game.



Indeed, battlefield 2 commander settings were absolutely good.

But how do u wanne put all these commands on a ps 3 when buttons are limited

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